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Dalian delivers China’s first seagoing LNG bunker vessel to ENN Energy Holdings

20 Sep 2022

China Classification Society (CCS) on Monday (19 September) said the liquified natural gas (LNG) bunker vessel Xin Ao Pu Tuo Hao was successfully delivered at the offshore site of Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd on 16 September. 

CCS said it independently carried out plan approval and construction inspection of the first C-type tank equipped LNG bunkering ship. 

The 8,500 cubic metres (m3) LNG bunkering vessel was built by Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. for ENN Energy Holdings Co., Ltd, one of the largest users of LNG in China and managed and operated by Southwest Maritime Limited. 

It became the first domestic newbuilding LNG bunker vessel in China that was classed by CCS and complied with CCS Rules for LNG Bunkering Vessels.  

The ship has an overall length of about 119.3 metres, a moulded width of 19.8 metres, a moulded depth of 11 metres, a design draft of 5.9 metres and a scantling draft of 6.5 metres. It is equipped with a dual-fuel main engine, two dual-fuel generators and a shaft generator. 

The ship is equipped with two independent “C” type liquid cargo tanks with a minimum design temperature of -164 °C and a design steam pressure of 3.75bar. 

The ship is also equipped with a cryogenic unit, GCU and LNG bunkering system, with powerful cargo handling and bunkering capabilities.

“As the first LNG bunkering ship to be constructed and graded by CCS, the whole process of plan approval and construction took more than three years. With new ship types and new technologies, CCS cooperated with each other and worked together to tackle key problems,” said CCS. 

According to a separate 2019 statement by technology group Wärtsilä on the ship, it is China’s first seagoing LNG bunker vessel and the first vessel of its kind built and owned by Chinese companies. 

Wärtsilä provided the vessel’s cargo handling system, the Wärtsilä 34DF dual-fuel main engine, the gearbox, controlled pitch propeller (CPP), shaft generator, two Wärtsilä 20DF dual-fuel auxiliary engines, and the ship’s sewage treatment plant.

The firm also said the vessel is the first newbuilding LNG bunkering vessel for ENN Energy Holdings and is part of the Group’s ambition to play an active role in the international marine LNG fuel supplier market. With this bunker vessel, ENN will be capable of supplying fuel to the world’s biggest LNG fuelled vessels.

The vessel is intended to be based at the ENN Zhoushan LNG receiving and bunkering terminal in China’s eastern Zhejiang province. In addition to providing bunkering supply operations, it will also carry out gas testing services for LNG carriers and other LNG fuelled vessels.

Disclaimer: The above article published by Manifold Times was sourced from China’s domestic market through a local correspondent. While considerable efforts have been taken to verify its accuracy through a professional translator and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty is made regarding the accuracy, completeness and reliability of any information.


Photo credit: China Classification Society
Published: 20 September, 2022

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