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ClassNK verifies improved engine performance data of Innospec Octamar™ Combustion Catalyst Series

22 Jun 2022

ClassNK has independently verified residual marine fuels treated with Octamar™ combustion catalysts can achieve an average fuel economy improvement of 2.7% and a 60% reduction in Particulate Matter emissions including black smoke, carbon and other harmful substances.

It validated Innospec’s additives were tested during field trials, on test bed engines and onboard various types of vessels, and exposed to in-lab tests such as the FIA test verified by a third party.

The verification document also substantiated Innospec contributing to CIMAC whitepaper No.69 that evaluates the effectiveness of additives under the Octamar™ Combustion Catalyst Series on combustion quality of fuel through a series of eight field trials.

Under the series, results between 2.1 to 3.0% fuel economy were achieved in three tests using pure combustion catalysts; fuel economy effects from 2.3 to 3.9% were recorded in four tests while using combinations of combustion catalysts with detergent/stabilizers; and pure organic combustion improvers achieved 3.7% improvement in fuel economy in one test.

“For Octamar™ F35C, the combination of combustion catalyst and combustion improver provides a faster and more complete combustion which will reduce unburnt fuel in exhaust, soot, PAH, post combustion fouling, black smoke, black carbon,” affirms Nicea Ng, Marine Technical Specialist, Innospec Limited.

“For Octamar™ Ultra HF and Complete, the combination of combustion catalyst, combustion improver and stabilizer/dispersant create a threefold effect on combustion catalysis, ignition improvement, homogenization and better atomization/spray pattern thus significantly reducing unburnt fuel in exhaust, soot, PAH, post combustion fouling, black smoke, black carbon.”

Giorgio de Leonardis, Vice President EMEA, Innospec Fuel Specialties meanwhile highlights Innospec has also became the first fuel chemistry supplier to be awarded the “Innovation Endorsement” from ClassNK.

“This endorsement demonstrates the unique value of Innospec products which have helped vessel owners and operators to enhance their fleet performance,” shares Leonardis.

“Today, as various solutions are being explored to meet environmental goals like CII, the Octamar™ range also provides a launching platform for current and future emission reduction strategies.

“Any improvement in fuel consumption will result in improvements in CO2 emissions.”

The Octamar™ campaign website can be accessed here: https://www.octamar.info/ 


Photo credit: Innospec
Published: 22 June, 2022

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