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China: Zhoushan maritime and bunkering sector undergoes expansion in 2021

13 Dec 2021

The following article where information was supplied by our China correspondence was first published by Manifold Times on 13 December. An online translation service was used in the production of the current editorial piece:

The Zhejiang Provincial Department of Transportation on Thursday (9 December) said Zhoushan City has been continuously expanding its industrial and maritime services since the start of 2021 as part of activities to support the local bunkering sector.

From January to October 2021, Zhoushan completed 4.38 million metric tonnes (mt) of bonded oil supply deliveries, representing an on year increase of 19.1%. Total sales of 31.8 billion yuan (USD 49.8 billion) for its maritime services were recorded.

The government body, meanwhile, shared three areas of development it undertook as part of expansion plans in 2021.

The first area was the acceleration of the construction of parks and expansion of industrial clusters to promote the gathering of enterprises and institutions such as warehousing and logistics, ship supply, voyage repair, inspection, and crew services. As such, firms including Longyi Logistics and Ningxing Enterprises have started operations within the region.

The second area of development was to improve supporting elements in order to ensure service capabilities. This led to the integration of the fuel supply operations at Huzhou in the Yangtze River Delta and the normalisation of night berthing and refueling at anchorages in the port area, with the addition of  four refueling points at the northern Shulang Lake anchorage, increasing the number of fuel-supply points to 22. 

Initiatives have also resulted in the introduction of the world’s first “Anchorage Fuel Supply Meteorological Index” for Zhoushan, and an increase in the number of operating days per year at the Mazhi Anchorage and Xiushan Anchorage by about 200 days, and the Tiaoqimen and Xiazhimen Anchorages by about 180 days. 

The period also saw the launch of the country’s first paperless pilot program for the direct supply of bonded fuel oil across customs areas and an upgraded version 2.0 of a bonded oil intelligent scheduling programme, increasing the anchorage utilisation rate by 30%.

The third area of development was the improvement of innovation platforms and expansion of the industrial chain at Zhejiang which resulted in the construction of a “ship transaction + data service + financial service” platform and the formation of an online industrial chain integrating ship trading, auction, evaluation, domestic and international brokerage. The platform saw 5.516 billion yuan of ship transactions completed from January to October 2021.

There were also plans to build the “green ship repair” business at Zhoushan which involved the allocation of special funds and technical support for the upgrading and transformation of enterprise equipment and production technology.  From January to October, the output value of ocean ship repair is expected to reach 5 billion yuan. 

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Photo credit: Manifold Times
Published: 13 December, 2021

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