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Aeromon introduces aerial fuel sulphur content measurement tool

07 Mar 2019

Finnish emissions measuring firm Aeromon has introduced the first commercially available device for measuring the sulphur content of emissions that can also be used in drone-mounted, hand-held and fixed configurations.

“Aeromon has created the first FSC (Fuel Sulphur Content) measurement solution in the world that can be deployed on both fixed and rotary wing drones,” said Aeromon CEO Teppo Virkkula.

“This means industrial operators can select an emissions measuring solution with the cost point and operational capabilities they need to truly understand how their actions impact the environment – and what they can do to lower these effects.”

The firm’s modular BH-12 emissions measuring device can be configured to measure and visualize more than 70 different types of gases and particulate matter.

Its cloud service makes adjustments for local weather conditions, mapping potential leakage points and fugitive emissions hotspots on visualised maps of the monitoring areas.

“Our solution is already being used by the European Maritime Safety Agency to monitor maritime ships’ fuel sulphur content,” adds Virkkula.

“We want to give industry the tools it needs to take control of fugitive emissions. We have invested significant time into building a completely new solution supported by a robust supply chain, partner network and distribution channels that can scale with future demand.

“We are ready to help industry tackle the challenge of fugitive emissions for the long-term.”

Photo credit: Aeromon
Published: 8 March, 2019


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