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West P&I upgrades fuel quality advisory service with VPS data, additional features

22 Aug 2022

Global maritime insurance provider West of England Protection & Indemnity (P&I) Club (West P&I) on Monday (15 August) said it has updated its Bunker Fuel Advisory service with data from marine fuel testing company VPS and other additional features.

West has expanded its cooperation with VPS in delivering the latest marine bunker quality statistics to its members. 

“In addition to data on bunker fuel off-specs and ISO 8217 parameter averages powered by VPS PortStats, the club members now have access to bunker prices for 20 main bunkering ports delivered by BunkerEx. The new additional data also include the calorific value of tested fuel orders,” said West P&I.

The information available via Neptune and the Loss Prevention Department allows members to make informed decisions on fuel procurement and may help to supplement energy efficiency measures and improve the CII rating of their vessels, all of which will become compulsory as of 1 January 2023.

Another helpful feature introduced into the West Bunker Fuel Advisory service is the theoretical short lifting amount calculated from a difference between density declared in BDN and the actual density of tested samples. 

“The short bunker fuel supply is a known problem within the maritime sector. Statistical data helps identify ports where short lifting of the bunker is less likely, making it a factor in purchase decision-making,” added West P&I.

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Photo credit: West of England Protection & Indemnity (P&I) Club
Published: 22 August, 2022

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