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VPS TALKS: Decarbonisation

28 Jul 2021

By Sindre Bornstein, Chief Commercial Officer of VPS Yxney

Sustainable data-driven decarbonisation to achieve emissions targets 

Market drivers within the maritime industry are -without doubt- changing. Consensus is building around the need to reduce maritime emissions and we are beginning to see the emergence of tomorrow´s winners. Having a low carbon footprint and a credible strategy for the transition towards sustainable operations are becoming key targets for the global fleet. Further, there is a new expectancy for data access and emissions transparency from stakeholders such as clients, investors, employees, media and authorities. 

The questions every vessel owner/operator/charterer need to ask themselves at this point is are we doing enough? Are we using our vessel data in a smart way to make the right strategic decisions to reduce the fleet emissions and maintain our competitive position? 

The Maress software developed by VPS Yxney, is designed to provide decision makers with the necessary insight in this transition. It has been designed and built in close dialogue with leading vessel operators. In short, Maress uses available data to help decarbonise maritime operations by creating insight, transparency and network collaboration. 

Last year, Maress clients achieved a CO2 reduction of more than 60,000 tons. Having the right operational insight and analytics allows for precise decisions on what initiatives to take, and to measure the outcomes of those initiatives. At VPS Yxney, we believe that it is key to implement solutions that enable decision-makers at operational and strategic levels to see the same picture – and to create the foundation for a new form of dialogue underpinning a culture of change. 

Taking the necessary steps to becoming a fully data-driven company may seem overwhelming to many. It’s very easy to get stranded at the starting blocks. Building the necessary competence and choosing an affordable yet © Copyright 2020. Veritas Petroleum Services Group. All rights reserved. www.vpsveritas.com applicable technical set-up can seem huge hurdles to overcome. However, with Maress, the vessel owner has the flexibility to use data from existing systems on the vessels and connect via the cloud. This allows for a cost effective and quick roll-out across entire fleets. Indicative savings on a fleet level in the range of 3-7% provides for a solid return on investment.

Vessel owners, crews, and end clients will easily gain a holistic understanding of the efficiency and emissions footprint from whole fleets and single vessels. …and not least, what measures to take to reduce emissions. We call it data driven decarbonisation. 

For more information on how your company can smartly use data to improve operational performance and achieve significant emissions reductions, please reach out to: 

Sindre Stemshaug Bornstein
[email protected]


Photo credit: VPS
Published: 28 July, 2021


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