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VPS launches APS-BIO offering biofuels protection service against potential damage

15 Nov 2022

Marine fuels testing company VPS on Monday (14 November) announced the launch of its APS-BIO service to ensure the safe and effective use of biofuels on the voyage to decarbonisation.

A key factor in the drive to radically reduce emissions will be the choice of fuel used to power ships, VPS said.

“Biofuels are an immediate alternative to traditional hydrocarbons – but come with very different fuel management challenges. VPS’s new APS-BIO service has been expertly developed to meet these challenges, helping to ensure ships are fully protected against potential damage when using biofuels to achieve emissions reduction targets,” it said.

With APS-BIO, VPS said it is taking another step forward in helping the industry to meet the challenging emission targets set by the IMO, whilst improving vessel operational efficiency.

Biofuels offer an immediate solution in emissions reduction, and can be used today. However, these fuels require different and additional considerations in terms of their fuel management, if they are to be successfully used as a marine fuel, the firm added.

“Biofuels have been quickly recognised as an immediate ‘drop-in’ option to reduce shipping emissions. However, their chemistry and behaviour is very different from traditional marine fuels. So their fuel management requires a unique set of laboratory tests and advisory support, to assess and monitor their quality. VPS APS-Bio provides this service, giving our customers peace-of-mind when using biofuels.” Steve Bee, Group Commercial Director of VPS.

By leveraging its experience and expertise in marine fuel testing and advisory services, VPS has developed an ‘Additional Protection Service’ for when biofuels are to be used onboard ships. This innovative suite of analytical testing tools will provide the necessary insight and understanding to help ensure:

  • Asset protection
  • Operational efficiency
  • Legislative compliance


Photo credit: VPS

Published: 15 November, 2022

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