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Vietnam Coast Guard detains tanker “Hai Phong 16” over diesel oil cargo

24 Dec 2019

The Vietnam Coast Guard on Friday (20 December) detained the oil tanker Hai Phong 16 in the sea area adjacent to Hai Phong and Quang Ninh over several “suspicious signs”, it said on Sunday.

An initial inspection found the vessel to be carrying about 30,000 litres of diesel oil.

“At the time of inspection, the captain is unable to present invoices and documents proving the legality of the goods,” said the Coast Guard in a statement.

“According to the declaration, the above diesel oil was bought by Hai Phong 16 from an unknown vessel.”

The tanker was subsequently escorted back to a Vietnam Coast Guard base for further investigations.

A series of other detentions carried out by the Vietnam Coast Guard on oil tankers during 2019 have been recorded by Manifold Times below:

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Photo credit: Vietnam Coast Guard
Published: 24 December, 2019

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