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USTC strengthens organisation by absorbing Bunker Holding HR & Communications

07 Jan 2021

Heir to United Shipping & Trading Company (USTC) and current COO Nina Østergaard Borris on Wednesday (6 January) established a new USTC HR and Communications department based on the existing set up of the group’s largest player – Bunker Holding.

In January 2020, the company announced second-generation owner Nina Østergaard Borris would take over as COO, working to implement synergies by bringing the different and very diverse business units closer together.

USTC said Bunker Holding has managed to achieve massive growth over the last years, not least as a result of a substantial investment in people and culture.

A core strategy has been to focus heavily on securing the right competencies, while attracting, retaining, and developing the best people in each role as a way to continue profitable growth throughout the diverse value chain.

As a result, USTC will build its new HR and Communications departments based on the existing Bunker Holding set-up.

Moving forward, all current Bunker Holding employees in HR & Communications will transition into the USTC organisation to form group wide corporate functions.

This will allow the full USTC Group to benefit from its services and assistance and ensure the continued development of the USTC Group across its many growing value streams, it explained.

“As an owner family we are always looking for ways to strengthen the entire USTC Group by finding synergies and working across our entities. It makes perfect sense to bring HR and communications onboard USTC where the sister companies can greatly benefit from their experience,” said Nina Østergaard Borris, owner and COO.

Alexander Jaffe, who is currently Director for Group HR & Communications in Bunker Holding, has been appointed to Chief Human Resources Officer of USTC as part of the development.

“I am both proud and humble of this new challenging opportunity to work closer with the USTC companies and the owner family. Over the last years, our entire HR & Communications team has worked hard to professionalize our processes, systems, and structure to boost our people development and performance,” said Alexander A. Jaffe.

USTC’s growth in recent years has resulted in an increased need to streamline external and internal communications as well as marketing activities across the entire Group. 

Jonas Søndergård, the current Head of Communications at Bunker Holding, will meanwhile take on marketing activities across the entire USTC Group.

USTC reported it has an equity of more than DKK 3 billion (USD 496 million) with sales of DKK 76 billion (USD 12.6 billion) in the most recent financial year, positioning the company firmly within the Top 10 of Danish companies by revenue.

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Photo credit: Bunker Holding
Published: 7 January, 2021


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