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UK: Crown Oil supplies Tidal Transit with 100% HVO in crew transfer vessel engine capability trial

02 Dec 2021

Having been fully utilised this year working for Ørsted and James Fisher Marine Services supporting offshore wind farms on the UK’s west coast, Tidal Transit’s Kitty Petra crew transfer vessel (CTV) was recently mobilised from Barrow-in-Furness to Grimsby for scheduled winter maintenance, company said on Tuesday (30 November) in a social media platform.

As part of its programme of activities working towards carbon neutrality, Tidal Transit chose the long journey to fully trial its MAN V12 diesel engines capability to operate on 100% renewable hydro treated vegetable diesel oil (HVO100), it states.

Crown Oil was chosen as supplier of its HVO100 fuel. The fuel was taken on board Kitty Petra at Ramsgate in Kent, and vessel sailed without any negative observations up to Great Yarmouth in Norfolk.

The fuel was purchased without any subsidy support from the renewable transport fuel obligation, adding significant cost to the trial to prove the fuel’s viability.

Tidal Transit’s Commercial Director, Leo Hambro said: “We are delighted for Tidal Transit to perform another ‘industry first’, showing that many CTVs serving offshore wind farms can run on 100% bio diesel (HVO100) rather than marine diesel (MGO). Previously, 30% HVO has been successfully trialled by others, but the move to full 100% HVO reduces CO2 emissions by over 90%, as well as reducing both the NOx and SOx in comparison to marine diesel.”

“This is another step in our company’s journey towards 100% decarbonisation of the fleet, and it confirms the company’s intent in being a signatory of the Department of Transport’s (DFT) Operation Zero.”

Ryan Abreu from Crown Oil added: “Crown Oil has been supplying HVO100 since 2019. It has proven to be the cleanest form of diesel available which can significantly reduce CO2, NOx, SOx as well as diesel particulates. In addition, due to there being no FAME additives, the chances of water collection and the formation of diesel bugs is almost eliminated.” 

Tidal Transit has been supplying purpose-designed CTVs to offshore wind developers and operators for over ten years, and is a partner in two projects which have been awarded funding in the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC) which is funded by the DFT and delivered in partnership with Innovate UK.


Photo credit: Tidal Transit Limited
Published: 2 December, 2021

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