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Quadrise emulsified fuel oil project suffers setback

10 Apr 2018

Quadrise Fuels International (QFI) has received confirmation from a refinery counterparty that it will no longer support the production of its emulsified synthetic heavy fuel oil (MSAR) fuel.

The development was, “due to the continuing delays within KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) which have prevented signature of the fuel supply agreement, so the planned combustion boiler trial in KSA will not proceed.”

“However, Quadrise will seek to continue to work with both the KSA oil and electricity companies to review options that would enable a trial in KSA to proceed, on an amended timetable, to demonstrate the significant economic benefits that use of MSAR technology could deliver to the KSA.”

QFI is a supplier of MSAR emulsion technology and fuels, a low cost alternative to heavy fuel oil in the global shipping, refining and steam and power generation industries.

Photo credit: Quadrise
Published: 10 April, 2018


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