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MPC Container Ships and INERATEC enter synthetic drop-in marine diesel oil agreement

27 Jan 2023

MPC Container Ships and INERATEC on Thursday (26 January) signed an agreement for the supply of synthetic Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) made from biogenic CO2 and renewable hydrogen, with delivery set to start in 2024.

The shipping industry is undertaking great efforts to decarbonise and, due to its drop-in compatibility, synthetic MDO can directly replace conventional fossil fuels used today by existing vessels, according to INERATEC.

Early collaboration between e-fuel providers and offtakers across industries is an important factor for scaling up production volumes and driving decarbonisation.

With the agreement, MPC Container Ships kickstarts the transition towards carbon neutral, synthetic diesel in the shipping sector.

“While there will be a variety of different fuels in the future, the synthetic MDO produced by INERATEC is of particular relevance as it can be used both in conventional combustion engines on our existing vessels and as pilot fuel for our methanol powered newbuildings,” said Constantin Baack, CEO of MPC Container Ships.

“As a key building block of the decarbonisation of our industry, we expect that green fuels may come to be included as part of vessel hire, in which case it will be vital for MPCC to have a strong relationship with fuel providers,” Baack continued.

“In order to make a sustainable future with e-fuels possible, INERATEC is acquiring partners all around the world. Following projects that target the production of SAF, car fuel and sustainable chemicals we are really happy to partner with MPCC to bring a sustainable product into the shipping industry,” adds Philipp Engelkamp , CCO of INERATEC.

INERATEC has already started the manufacturing phase for its pioneer plant in Frankfurt, where the majority of the sustainable fuel will be produced. After the commissioning phase it will deliver up to 3.5 million litres of SAF (sustainable aviation fuel), marine Diesel and synthetic chemicals to transform industries.

From there, the German clean tech company will lead the ramp-up of e-fuel production at additional sites world-wide, reducing megatons of CO2 emissions and thus fuelling the climate-friendly future.


Photo credit: Scott Graham on Unsplash
Published: 27 January, 2023

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