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Mitsubishi Shipbuilding and INPEX complete study for ammonia bunkering vessel

03 Feb 2023

Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group company based in Yokohama, Thursday (2 February) said it recently completed a conceptual study for an ammonia bunkering vessel capable of supplying ammonia fuel to ships. 

This study involved joint investigations with INPEX CORPORATION in order to respond to increasing demands for ammonia-fuelled ships.

Mitsubishi Shipbuilding said it has made use of its knowledge of the design and production of multi-purpose liquefied gas carriers, which are capable of transporting ammonia, in furthering conceptual considerations for a highly flexible ammonia bunkering vessel having enough tank capacity, ship maneuverability, and bunkering equipment that ensures compatibility with various ammonia-fueled vessels expected to be served.

Based on the knowledge and technical tasks acquired in this study, Mitsubishi Shipbuilding will carry out further technical investigations, and with the cooperation of the maritime-related companies involved and the like, will set its sights on the commercialization of this vessel. Moreover, in order to contribute to customer needs in terms of the whole value chain, Mitsubishi Shipbuilding will continue to put efforts into developing various types of ships.

Mitsubishi Shipbuilding said it will continue to focus on developing and commercialising not only ammonia bunkering vessels, but alternative fuel vessels and relevant equipment in order to realize a carbon neutral society.


Photo credit: Mitsubishi Shipbuilding
Published: 3 February, 2023

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