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Korea Register provides development and verification services for SEEMP Part-Ⅲ

04 Aug 2022

Korea Register on Wednesday (20 July) said that it now offers development and verification services for “Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) Part-Ⅲ” through KR-GEARs, a greenhouse gas management (GHG) system developed in-house.

SEEMP is a document that describes procedures and methods related to the establishment, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of a plan for improving energy efficiency of ships. Reporting System (DCS) has been developed up to SEEMP Part-II and is available.

SEEMP Part-Ⅲ is a requirement for the implementation of the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) regulation to be implemented from 2023. Shipping companies operating international ships with a gross tonnage of 5,000 tons or more will additionally develop SEEMP Part-Ⅲ. Therefore, a Confirmation of Compliance (CoC) must be issued by the administration or verification agency by December 31, 2022.

CII calculates carbon intensity based on the actual annual fuel consumption and operating distance of the ship, and compares it with the CII allowable value required for the ship during the period from A (higher grade) to E (lower grade). It is a regulation that assigns grades up to grade. If the ship’s CII class is D for three consecutive years or E for a single year, a corrective action plan to achieve the CII tolerance should be established and included in SEEMP Part-III.

“Therefore, KR has come to provide web-based SEEMP Part-Ⅲ development/verification service through KR-GEARs so that shipping companies can implement the regulations without any setbacks within the set time limit,” said KR. 

A KR official said: “We are preparing a wide range of services through KR-GEARs to provide integrated support for the continuously strengthening international/regional greenhouse gas regulations. We plan to provide energy efficiency improvement scenarios and forecasting services within the year.”

Note: The SEEMP Part-III service can be used by any KR customer on the web page of KR’s GHG management system KR-GEARs


Photo credit: Korean Register
Published: 4 August, 2022

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