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KOGAS and Gazprom working group discusses LNG bunkering

24 Oct 2019

Representatives of the technology divisions from Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) and Gazprom concluded a meeting on Tuesday (22 October) to discuss the role of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the global energy market.

The development was part of a ‘Business Agreement for Cooperation in Science and Technology’ between both companies signed in 2003 for the exchange of information, including reviewing the technological basis for introducing Russia's natural gas to the Korean market.

The Working Group covered 18 topics including resource exploration and development, medium LNG liquefaction, LNG bunkering, hydrogen storage and transportation, and piping and corrosion technologies.

In particular, the two companies also shared information on new business-based technologies such as hydrogen storage, which is a common concern, in addition to resource development technology and long-distance natural gas supply technology.

The event to discuss joint interests of the two companies was attended by 60 people from KOGAS and Gazprom, including Choi Yang-mi, Head of Technology Business Division and Sung-Min Lee, Gas Research Institute.

Photo credit: KOGAS
Published: 24 October, 2019


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