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IFC publishes key observations from sea robbery incident reports

06 Apr 2023

Information Fusion Centre (IFC), a regional Maritime Security centre hosted by the Republic of Singapore Navy, recently shared an infographic with Manifold Times on light measures that it is recommending the master to adopt while transiting in the area of concerns especially the Phillip channel and Singapore Strait.

IFC said the infographic was created in light of the increased theft, robbery and piracy at sea (TRAPS) incidents at the Singapore Strait. 

Key Observations and Insights – From Sea Robbery Incident Reports

  • The modus operandi of perpetrators remains consistent with that of petty crime: (a) avoided confrontation, and (b) fled immediately upon being sighted by ship crew
  • In majority of the reported incidents, perpetrators boarded the targeted vessels from the aft using grapnel hook or ladder
  • Hence, IFC assess that the adoption of basic shipboard protection when transiting known hotspots would suffice to deter potential perpetrators from even attempting to board vessel, without imposing additional load to ship crew

IFC publishes key observations from sea robbery incident reports

It also recommends ships’ Company Security Officers to inform their vessels to subscribe and receive the latest MARSEC alerts within IFC’s Area of Interest on its social media platforms.

IFC publishes key observations from sea robbery incident reports

1) Telegram – http://bit.ly/Information_Fusion_Centre

2) Whatsapp – https://bit.ly/WhatsApp_IFC

3) Twitter – https://twitter.com/Info_Fusion_Ctr  

“As Telegram allows users to access previous postings, and for knowledge management purpose, hence we strongly encourage the masters to subscribe to the Telegram channel,” IFC said. 

“Hopefully this will also lessen the burden of the CSOs and masters can receive timely alerts from our channels.”


Photo credit: Information Fusion Centre
Published: 6 April, 2023

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