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Hyundai Mipo builds “K. LOTUS”, the world’s largest LNG bunkering vessel

18 Mar 2022

Hyundai Mipo Dockyard on Wednesday (16 March) said it has successfully delivered the world’s largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering vessel.

The 18,000 cubic meter K. LOTUS has dimentions of 166m in length, 24.4m in width and 12.9m in height.

In addition, it is equipped with a cylindrical (C-type) independent LNG tank, which has the highest safety and reliability according to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), so it can safely transport LNG at a cryogenic temperature of minus 163 degrees (°C).

In particular, the ship’s LNG reliquefication system (Sub Cooler) liquefies boil-off gas (BOG) that is naturally vaporised in the cargo hold at an appropriate temperature and pressure and supplies it as a propulsion fuel for the ship, maximising energy efficiency and reducing temperature and pressure to ensure smooth operation.

In addition to the ‘Loading Arm’ for delivering fuel to ships to be supplied with LNG, azimuth thrusters are installed on the left and starboard sides of the ship to control the movement of the ship while supplying LNG at sea.

The vessel is scheduled to operate at Rotterdam, the Netherlands from April.

“By building the world ’s largest LNG bunkering vessel, we have improved the operational convenience of vessels using LNG as a propulsion fuel. It will contribute to building a bunkering infrastructure,” said an official from Hyundai Mipo Dockyard.


Photo credit: Hyundai Mipo Dockyard
Published: 18 March, 2022

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