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FOBAS: Singapore tops ISO 8217 off-spec port list in 2H Nov

04 Dec 2018

A total of 67 off-spec instances where a result was outside the 95% confidence limit of either ISO 8217 6th edition test parameter or a value given by the BDN or sample label between 15 to 30 November 2018 has been detected by Lloyd’s Register Fuel Oil Bunkering Analysis and Advisory Service (FOBAS).

Singapore port, among other locations, was recorded to have the most off-spec cases in the two-week period; a variety of issues such as pour point, density sulphur, viscosity and water were detected.

The top three bunker ports with reported off-spec bunker fuel cases in 2H November are as follows:

Port Characteristic ISO 8217
Limit or
Final resultUnit
SingaporeDensity at 15°C0.9909**0.9922kg/l
SingaporeDensity at 15°C0.9903**0.9935kg/l
SingaporePour point0*230.0oC
SingaporePour point0*396.7oC
SingaporePour point0*402.5oC
SingaporePour point0*403.2oC
SingaporeSulphur0.08**0.12% Mass
SingaporeViscosity at 50°C378.3**398.2cSt
SingaporeViscosity at 50°C380.0**489.0cSt
SingaporeViscosity at 50°C375.9**422.0cSt
SingaporeViscosity at 50°C378.3**409.2cSt
SingaporeWater0.50%1.10% Volume
KingstonViscosity at 50°C377.0**401.7cSt
KingstonViscosity at 50°C377.0**408.2cSt
KingstonViscosity at 50°C347.0**402.9cSt
KingstonViscosity at 50°C377.0**406.1cSt
KingstonViscosity at 50°C377.0**397.5cSt
Ko SichangViscosity at 50°C380.0**432.2cSt
Ko SichangViscosity at 50°C380.0**413.8cSt
Ko SichangViscosity at 50°C319.4**414.0cSt
Ko SichangViscosity at 50°C380.0**421.3cSt
RotterdamDensity at 15°C0.9905**0.9922kg/l
RotterdamDensity at 15°C0.9908**0.9931kg/l
RotterdamDensity at 15°C0.9902**0.9922kg/l
RotterdamViscosity at 50°C361.3**400.1cSt

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Photo credit: Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
Published: 4 December, 2018


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