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FOBAS: Cat fines off-spec issues subside at Singapore

03 Jul 2018

Cases of excessive cat fines found within bunker fuels at Singapore decreased between the period of 15th to 30th June 2018, according to Lloyd’s Register Fuel Oil Bunkering Analysis and Advisory Service (FOBAS) data.

FOBAS’ report in the earlier fortnight recorded three cases of cat fines among bunker samples tested, while the latest noted a single case.

A Monday report from FOBAS, meanwhile, noted several tested residual fuel samples from ports in the ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp) region, bunkered against an RMK700 grade exceeding the 700 cSt limit for viscosity; viscosities of these fuels range from 730 cSt to 750 cSt.

“Operationally a higher viscosity will require an increase in temperatures to achieve the required transfer/injection viscosity,” it notes.

“The injection temperature needed for 12cSt viscosity at engine inlet for a 750cSt fuel would be 149 Deg C, compared to 148 Deg C for a 700 cSt fuel.

“Therefore with only 1 degree increase needed these slight off-sec fuels may be able to be used without issue, however in each case this should be confirmed based on the vessels individual machinery capabilities.”

The top three off-spec bunker ports for the period between 15th to 30th June 2018 are as follows:

Port Characteristic ISO 8217 Limit or Advised Value Final result Unit  
Singapore Aluminium + Silicon 60* 84 mg/kg
Singapore Density at 15°C 0.9908** 0.9921 kg/l
Singapore Pour point 0* 6 °C
Singapore Water 0.50* 0.90 % Volume
Singapore Water 0.50* 0.75 % Volume
Singapore Water 0.50* 0.65 % Volume
Singapore Water 0.50* 1.40 % Volume


Antwerp Density at 15°C 0.9907** 0.9934 kg/l
Antwerp Sulphur 0.09** 0.12 % Mass
Antwerp Total Sediment Potential 0.10* 0.17 % Mass
Antwerp Viscosity at 50°C 696.8** 742.0 cSt
Antwerp Viscosity at 50°C 699.2** 746.5 cSt
Antwerp Viscosity at 50°C 373.2** 423.4 cSt
Rotterdam Carbon residue 18.00* 20.96 % Mass
Rotterdam Viscosity at 50°C 693.9** 751.7 cSt
Rotterdam Viscosity at 50°C 699.2** 734.5 cSt
Rotterdam Viscosity at 50°C 356.0** 404.6 cSt


Fujairah Aluminium + Silicon 60* 97 mg/kg
Fujairah Ash 0.100* 0.148 % Mass
Fujairah Water 0.50* 0.65 % Volume
Fujairah Water 0.50* 1.35 % Volume
Kozmino Flash point 60.0*** 36.00 °C  
Kozmino MCR 10% bottom 0.30* 2.02 % Mass  
Kozmino Viscosity at 40°C 9.42** 6.1 cSt  
Kozmino Viscosity at 40°C 7.04** 7.9 cSt  
Malaysia Ash 0.100* 0.156 % Mass
Malaysia Pour point 0* 6 °C
Malaysia Sodium 100* 273 mg/kg
Malaysia Water 0.50* 4.20 % Volume
Novorossiysk Density at 15°C 0.9941** 0.9936 kg/l  
Novorossiysk Density at 15°C 0.9850** 0.9957 kg/l  
Novorossiysk Viscosity at 50°C 378.6** 686.8 cSt  
Novorossiysk Viscosity at 50°C 289.6** 404.3 cSt  

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Photo credit: Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
Published: 3 July, 2018


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