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Contaminated bunkers: BW Green seeks $350,000 damages from WFS

24 Oct 2018

Editor: The following article was edited on 6.15pm (Singapore time) on 24 October to correct the bunkering location of M/V BW Kyoto and M/V BW Leo due to a typo.

Gas marine transportation services provider BW Green Carriers AS, a subsidiary of the BW Group, Friday (19 October) took bunkering firm World Fuel Services (WFS) to a U.S. court over the supply of alleged off-spec marine fuel to the LPG tankers M/V BW Kyoto and M/V BW Leo, according to legal documents obtained by Manifold Times.

WFS supplied both M/V BW Kyoto and M/V BW Leo with 380 centistokes (cSt) grade bunker fuel at the Port of Netherland Nederland, Texas, U.S. through a local supplier in April 2018.

The M/V BW Kyoto received 700 to 900 metric tonnes (mt) of fuel on April 21 to 22, while the M/V BW Leo received 1,400 to 1,650 mt of fuel on April 27 to 28.

BW Green requested ISO 8217:2010 specification bunker fuel for the deliveries but found “the marine fuel provided to the vessel by WFS was not in accordance with the quality specifications agreed”.

For both vessels, “due to the off-specification condition of the fuel it caused damage to the vessel’s fuel pump system, necessitated additional maintenance and cleaning of the fuel pump system, the vessel was delayed, and the fuel had to be removed from the vessel’s fuel tanks in order to prevent damage to the vessel’s engines.”

BW Green later bore the costs of obtaining substitute fuel for the M/V BW Kyoto and M/V BW Leo and entered into a separate agreement with WFS to off-load the alleged off-specification marine fuel at the respective ports of Houston, Texas and Balboa, Panama.

Due to the delay of both LPG tankers and alleged breach of contract, BW Green is claiming WFS for total damages in excess of USD $350,000 at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Published: 24 October, 2018

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