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China passes new anti-foreign sanctions law to fight against hegemonism

11 Jun 2021

China passed anti-foreign sanctions laws during a Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) session on Thursday (10 June), according to state media Xinhua.

The law to fight against hegemonism specifies three types of counter measures, which include:

  • Refusing to issue visas, banning entry into China, invalidating visas, and deportation;
  • Sealing up, seizing and freezing movable, immovable and other types of property in China;
  • Prohibiting from conducting related transactions with domestic organizations or individuals;

Some Western countries and organizations have started smearing China’s domestic and foreign policies, and imposed so-called sanctions upon related state organs, organizations and public servants by using pretexts including Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong-related issues in recent years, stated Xinhua.

A NPC official told the publication the purpose of formulating the law was to counter, fight and oppose unilateral sanctions on China imposed by foreign countries, safeguard its national sovereignty, security and development interests as well as to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens and organisations.


Photo credit: Xinhua/Li Tao
Published: 11 June, 2021

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