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China: Ministry of Transport outlines draft LNG bunkering strategy

12 Aug 2018

Manifold Times readers who understand Mandarin can directly access the official press release from the China Ministry of Transport here.

China’s Ministry of Transport Friday issued a letter to various commercial entitles and state-owned energy players to ask for feedback in regards to a draft national liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering strategy by 20 August, 2018.

Players addressed by the letter included China Railway Corporation, China Oil and Gas Co., Ltd., China Petrochemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, China Ocean Shipping Group Co., Ltd., and China Merchants Group Co., Ltd.

Various ideas promoted to players were the implementation of a “Layout Plan for the LNG Filling Terminal of the Xijiang Shipping Main Line of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal on the Yangtze River Trunk Line (2017-2025)” which oversees the construction of a 120 cubic metre capacity LNG bunkering facility and a LNG bunkering barge with similar capacity.

LNG as a marine fuel will also be promoted at the waters of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, Yangtze River trunk line, Xijiang shipping trunk line, Yangtze River Delta water network and Pearl River Delta water network.

As part of efforts to boost the application of LNG as fuel to seagoing vessels, the ministry notes it will encourage state-owned shipping companies such as COSCO Shipping Group and China Merchants Group to use LNG-powered vessels on foreign-invested container feeder routes.

Further, it mulls the construction of inland LNG bunkering terminals and similar facilities along the coast, especially in the Bohai Rim region.

Development of a variety of LNG bunkering methods such as LNG bunkering tankers for coastal ports, and LNG barges for inland river ports has also been planned.

Deadlines issued in the draft include the research and development of LNG-power ships as part of the Three Gorges ship lock program by the end of 2018, and the development of a safe operation procedure for various LNG bunkering methods such as mobile, barge, shore and tank trucks before the end of 2019.

Emergency response planning guidelines and emergency management regulations for LNG-power ships, mobile filling stations, and marine LNG bunkering stations will also be scheduled for completion before June 2019.

“By 2020, the LNG standard specification system for water operation industry will be basically formed. The application of LNG clean energy for water transportation equipment will be steadily advanced. The network will be formed initially and the construction of LNG water transportation system will be carried out in an orderly manner,” it says.

“By 2025, a comprehensive and technologically advanced LNG clean energy application system for water transportation equipment will be formed, and an intensive and fully functional LNG waterway transportation system will be initially established, and a complete filling service network will be basically established to adjust the national energy structure and water transportation.”

Published: 13 August 2018

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