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Bunker One maintains momentum and announces steady increase in market share

08 Jul 2021

Despite the challenging year, independent supplier Bunker One on Wednesday (7 July) said it has managed to steady headway and successfully expand their market through strong physical operations during its latest financial year.

Bunker One came out of FY 2020/21 strengthened through optimised market expansion and consolidation of its physical platform and supply chain. It reported:

  •  Increase in market share measured in volume by 20% year-over-year
  •  Expanded the global Physical footprint
  •  Expanded land fuels offerings in the US
  •  Established a new cargo brand, Synergy Supply & Trading, in the US

Still going strong

 “During a year characterised by a high degree of ambiguity, I am proud that we have managed toyield great results and deliver on our ambitions. Not only have we managed to expand our market
share, but we have also tightened our relationship with our partners and clients and kept building our supply platform stronger and more solid,” says CEO of Bunker One, Peter Zachariassen.

To ensure seamless and flexible solutions for its clients, Bunker One assumed operation of the Port of Skaw oil terminal at the northern tip of Denmark in June last year.  Soon after, the company strengthened its strategic foothold in Brazil by commencing offshore operations and further expanding into the Caribbean, firmly positioning it as the leading independent supplier in the region.

Appetite for growth and consolidation

From the very beginning, the US has been a key market for Bunker One. During the past year, Bunker One has strengthened its presence in the US through its newly established cargo brand Synergy
Supply & Trading and bolstered the build-out of land-based offerings through Bunker One Land Fuel Services.

Now Bunker One has set its sights on East Africa with plans to set up a new physical supply. This deliberate move will provide ship owners with additional flexibility in the form of access to
bunkering while staying within the main maritime trade routes between Asia and West Africa.

The high ambitions continue to build up momentum for Bunker One through tight collaboration with business partners with whom Bunker One is exploring market opportunities, synergies, and new

Professional counterpart in the green transition

Together with the parent company Bunker Holding, Bunker One aims to lead the way when the maritime industry transitions to new and more sustainable fuels over the coming decades. 

 Aware that the transition to carbon-neutral fuels will take time, Bunker One is gearing up to help clients in intermediary period. The company has recently introduced biofuel in the Danish straits and aims to expand its offering to other regions.“We know that we are entering unchartered waters and that it will take time before the industry settles on specific carbon-neutral fuel types. But we know by experience that it’s imperative to stay attuned to the trends surrounding the development of sustainable fuels, which is why we will continue to intensify our efforts in building knowledge and capabilities in this area. This is to ensure we can invariably provide the right technical know-how and expertise when our clients approach us support and advice-our door is always open.” says Peter Zachariassen.


Photo credit: Bunker One
Published: 8 July, 2021


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