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Bunker Holding Group’s Bunker One starts operations

05 Feb 2018

Bunker Holding Group (BHG) has decided to unite all of its physical supply operations under one house brand – Bunker One – which started operations in early February.

“We have decided to strengthen our global physical presence to grow our range of offerings to our valuable clients worldwide,” said Peter Zachariassen, global director physical at Bunker One.

“This venture will unite all present physical supply locations within our group under one name and one brand.”

According to Zachariassen, the move enhances BHG’s operational flexibility and efficiency; Bunker One will also become the platform which BHG will use to expand its international physical presence.

“Every Bunker One client will get a unique value proposition and a professional service experience founded on strong local knowledge and expertise mixed with a global coverage,” he adds.

“In this specific business segment, the value of local presence, quality of products and not least compliance has become more valuable during recent years.

“This means that customers can rest assured that no matter where in the world they choose a Bunker One product, they will get the same high standards and flexibility.

“BHG puts much effort in operating in the region for the region on its own premises to ensure the highest possible customer experience.”

Photo credit: Bunker Holding Group
Published: 5 February, 2018

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