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Argus Media: Greek bunker supplier Seka cleans tanks for IMO 2020

06 Sep 2019

Global energy and commodity price reporting agency Argus Media on Thursday (5 September) provided a IMO 2020 marine fuels industry related update:

Greek bunker supplier Seka has started cleaning its storage tanks to prepare for the International Maritime Organisation's (IMO) upcoming 0.5pc sulphur cap on marine fuels.

Seka has already started tank cleaning in Kali Limenes, including the largest 20,000m³ high-sulphur fuel oil tank, the company said. Seka already has two 10,000m³ tanks for low-sulphur marine gasoil (MGO) in Kali Limenes, a major bunkering zone in the eastern Mediterranean with volumes of around 240,000 t/yr.

Demand for IMO-compliant fuels in Greece is not yet significant, and local bunker suppliers are preparing to have 0.5pc sulphur fuel oil available from the end of November. Seka believes demand for the more familiar low-sulphur MGO grade will increase significantly around the turn of the year, and that shipowners will test new and less familiar low-sulphur fuel oil grades alongside buying MGO.

Greek refineries are testing their new grades with shipowners. Seka is only buying bunker fuel from local refineries, but has not taken part in the testing. Seka has received some minor enquiries for 0.5pc fuel, one of them last week from a shipowner.

The refineries have not confirmed anything other than that they will supply the new 0.5pc sulphur grades by the end of October.

"In Piraeus, everybody is waiting for the refineries," Seka said. Piraeus is the largest bunker port in Greece, supplying around 3.6mn t/yr and making up around 90pc of Greek bunker volumes.

Seka will continue to supply high-sulphur bunker fuel in Piraeus and Kali Limenes after 2020. The most popular bunker grade, high-sulphur 380cst fuel oil, will be available in both ports, while the less common high-sulphur 180cst fuel oil is only confirmed to be available in Piraeus.

Seka is normally supplied by Greek refiner Hellenic Petroleum for its barge deliveries in the port of Piraeus, where it has four bunker barges. Deliveries in Piraeus are only made by barge. It is also supplied by Greek refiner Motor Oil Hellas for its ex-pipe deliveries near the Corinth refinery.

Source: Argus Media
Published: 6 September, 2019


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