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Argus launches B30 biodiesel bunker price assessments for Houston and New York markets

18 Apr 2023

Argus is now publishing B30 biodiesel for bunkering prices on a delivered on-board basis for Houston and New York, according to Argus Marine Fuels report editor and commodities pricing analyst, Stefka Wechsler on Tuesday (18 April). 

They are published daily in Argus Marine Fuels and Argus Americas Biofuels.

B30 is mostly priced at a premium to ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD). But a drop in distillates inventories, such as the drops observed in May, October and November 2022 in the US Atlantic coast, could cause B30 to switch to a discount to ULSD, driving up interest in biofuels for bunkering. 

The B30 price components include 30% B99 biodiesel plus 70% ULSD plus delivery, storage, throughput and blending costs determined based on market feedback

The Argus B99 daily, spot biodiesel assessment is stripped of the US blender tax credit (BTC), renewable identification numbers (RINs) and low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) credits. The Argus ULSD daily spot assessment reflects Colonial Pipeline’s specifications for 15ppm (0.0015pc) sulphur diesel grade 62.

b30 biofuel price assessment

Note: For more information, see Argus’ FAQ document.

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Photo credit: Argus Media
Published: 18 April, 2023

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