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Lloyd’s Register releases ‘Technical Report: NOx from marine diesel engines using biofuels’

05 Apr 2022

Classification society Lloyd’s Register (LR) recently released the Technical Report: NOx from marine diesel engines using biofuels document.

The technical update, which follows technical insights from the outcomes of early biofuel trials in marine diesel engines, consolidates client experience and industry feedback from sea trial findings on NOx emissions when using biofuels.

Summary of NOx emission findings

There are four key observations from the trials in which LR acted as an independent advisory body to assess the means of gathering data, carrying out analysis and supporting clients in the presentation of the final outcome of the trials to the flag administrations:

  1. In terms of magnitude, NOx emissions were not significantly increased across the load range, in any instances by the use of any of the biofuels trialled.
  2. In terms of range, the majority of the NOx emission changes resulting from the use of those biofuels were no more than that level of trial repeatability.
  3. Each combination of biofuel and engine has its own particular NOx emission characteristics.
  4. For all the biofuel trials undertaken, there were no specific engine adjustments; the NOx critical settings or operating values were retained, as given in the respective Technical Files, as they would be for the use of the petroleum derived fuels.

The general feedback from ships which have undertook onboard NOx measurements was that the process represented a substantial extra workload which is far removed from normal service.

The findings from such work are inevitably constrained by the realities of working with installed and in-service engines and their associated systems, together with the real-world difficulties of undertaking necessary measurements.

Therefore, many ships which initially seek to use biofuels to potentially reduce their greenhouse gas emissions are being restrained by the complexity of having to determine NOx emissions.

The following organisations have shared their insights:

  • Canadian Steamship Lines
  • Maran Dry Management, Angelicoussis Group
  • d’Amico Società di Navigazione
  • Major oil tanker operator
  • Good Fuels (biofuel supplier)
  • Wärtsilä (Engine Builder)
  • MAN Energy Solutions SE (Engine Builder)

Note: The Technical Report: NOx from marine diesel engines using biofuels document may be downloaded from this link: https://www.lr.org/en/resources/nox-from-marine-diesel-engines-using-biofuels/


Photo credit: Lloyd’s Register
Published: 5 April, 2022

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