Gasum is now a 100% shareholder of LNG bunkering firm Skangas

Gasum is now a 100% shareholder of LNG bunkering firm Skangas

Nordic energy company Gasum Wednesday increased its shareholding in liquefied natural gas (LNG) provider Skangas to 100%.

The acquisition strengthens a key element of Gasum's strategy and will further enhance the development of the Nordic gas market and LNG distribution network, it says.

Gasum purchased the remaining shareholding in Skangas from the Lyse Group. In 2014, Gasum became Skangas's majority shareholder with a 51% holding, and in 2017 the share
grew to 70%.

"Completing the acquisition of Skangas gives us even better opportunities to build and develop the Nordic gas ecosystem and to respond to growing demand,” says Johanna Lamminen, CEO, Gasum.

“We thank the Lyse Group for the good co-operation in developing the LNG market.

“The need for cleaner fuel solutions in industry and transport is increasing significantly, and LNG is the most competitive option for low-emission fuels. We want to be the frontrunner in taking the Nordic countries to a cleaner tomorrow.”

Skangas is a supplier of LNG as a marine fuel and reached its 1,000 bunkering operation milestone in 2017.

In September, the company joined multi-sector industry coalition SEA\LNG to accelerate the widespread adoption of LNG as a bunker fuel.

It started the supply service of liquefied biogas (LBG) as a marine fuel through Gasum in June at the port of Gothenburg.

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Photo credit: Skangas
Published: 11 October, 2018


Oil Price

Top Ports Price $/mt Change High Low Spread
Singapore 493.38 0.00 514.00 470.00 44.00
Fujairah 506.83 0.00 510.50 500.00 10.50
Rotterdam 450.30 0.00 462.00 438.00 24.00
Hong Kong 494.50 0.00 512.00 474.00 38.00
Antwerp 462.00 0.00 464.00 460.00 4.00
Top Ports Price $/mt Change High Low Spread
Singapore 508.33 0.00 518.00 497.00 21.00
Fujairah 544.83 0.00 582.00 520.50 61.50
Rotterdam 481.50 0.00 490.00 475.00 15.00
Hong Kong 504.50 0.00 528.00 484.00 44.00
Antwerp 488.50 0.00 492.00 485.00 7.00
Top Ports Price $/mt Change High Low Spread
Singapore 708.83 0.00 719.00 696.00 23.00
Fujairah 795.33 0.00 800.00 790.00 10.00
Rotterdam 682.88 0.00 714.00 660.00 54.00
Hong Kong 731.67 0.00 743.00 722.00 21.00
Antwerp 680.00 0.00 680.00 680.00 0.00

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