China Petroleum Circulation Association studies MFM bunkering at Singapore

China Petroleum Circulation Association studies MFM bunkering at Singapore

China Petroleum Circulation Association (CPCA), a national organisation responsible for the development of oil policies and legislation in China, was in Singapore for meetings and research on bunkering and mass flowmeter (MFM) technology, learns Manifold Times.
Metcore International, a Singapore-based marine fuel measurement solutions firm with specialist expertise on bunker mass flow metering system (MFM) organised the week-long study trip with the support of local bunker supplier, tanker owner and operator Sinanju Tankers Holdings.
The delegation, comprising Chinese shipowners, tanker owners, suppliers and the association representatives, boarded the 6,495 dwt bunker tanker Marine Rose on Tuesday (30 October) to witness a live bunkering operation and the application of the Technical Reference for Bunker Mass Flow Metering (TR 48).

The delegates witnessed the entire pre-delivery and bunkering process – including a pipeline seal check of Marine Rose by the Chief Engineer of the receiving vessel and surveyors from Metcore Inspection Services, to demonstrate the importance of pipeline integrity within a MFM bunkering system.
“The Chinese delegates are interested in introducing a level playing field for China’s marine fuels sector and wanted to understand why mass flowmeters are not just a plug and play solution for bunker fuel measurement,” shared Darrick Pang, Managing Director, Metcore International.
“TR 48 was not developed just to benefit the Singapore bunker industry, but also for international parties who are keen to introduce integrity, transparency and increased productivity for their respective marine fuels businesses.”
Desmond Chong, General Manager of Sinanju Tankers added, “The trip to Marine Rose was a first-hand experience for the delegation to observe a live bunkering operation using mass flowmeters while witnessing the operational trust and efficiencies it brings to the bunker delivery process.”
“We are happy to share our positive experience of using mass flowmeters with CPCA and look forward to showcase Singapore’s marine fuel measurement expertise internationally.”
Photo credit: Metcore International
Published: 2 November, 2018


Oil Price

Top Ports Price $/mt Change High Low Spread
Singapore 490.13 0.00 510.00 470.00 40.00
Fujairah 500.67 0.00 510.00 492.00 18.00
Rotterdam 445.30 0.00 462.00 435.00 27.00
Hong Kong 502.25 0.00 512.00 482.00 30.00
Antwerp 449.50 0.00 464.00 435.00 29.00
Top Ports Price $/mt Change High Low Spread
Singapore 507.67 0.00 518.00 497.00 21.00
Fujairah 538.67 0.00 582.00 502.00 80.00
Rotterdam 475.00 0.00 490.00 459.00 31.00
Hong Kong 511.50 0.00 528.00 489.00 39.00
Antwerp 475.50 0.00 492.00 459.00 33.00
Top Ports Price $/mt Change High Low Spread
Singapore 694.83 0.00 719.00 672.00 47.00
Fujairah 783.67 0.00 800.00 755.00 45.00
Rotterdam 673.38 0.00 714.00 642.00 72.00
Hong Kong 732.33 0.00 750.00 720.00 30.00
Antwerp 642.00 0.00 642.00 642.00 0.00

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