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EGCSA: DHI Group ecotoxicity study gives open loop scrubbers the ‘all-clear’

‘The study puts to bed the myth and unsubstantiated claims of some NGOs who are simply seeking to ban the use of residual fuel oil,’ says EGCSA Director.

Jun 11 2021

Chelsea Technologies: Scrubbers driving profits for VLCCs, but could create big costs

Despite the clear business case for installing a scrubber, there has been uncertainty about their future due to disputed claims about their environmental performance.

Apr 29 2021

SMW 2021: MPA, BW Group, Sembmarine, EPS, ONE, DNV, BHP decarbonisation efforts recognised

‘Let’s think of how we can achieve this goal together; “and” not “all”; “multiply” not “divide” and “integrate” not “differentiate”’, states Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Transport.

Apr 22 2021

North P&I Club: No Scrubs- countries & ports with restrictions on EGCS discharges

Attached table outlines North’s updated insight on the stands taken by ports that have or will prohibit the use of scrubbers, or have placed conditions on their use.

Apr 16 2021

Clean Shipping Alliance ‘disappointed’ in Turkey’s decision to ban scrubber washwater

‘These systems have been in use for decades and there is no evidence of any negative impact on marine life or sea water quality, neither in open waters nor in port,’ said Chairman.

Apr 14 2021

Foreship expects scrubber demand to increase from ‘better than expected’ current ROI

Total cost of open loop scrubbers is significantly lower than hybrids, and owners are reporting returns on investments far more rapid than anticipated, it said.

Mar 29 2021

BIMCO: Scrubber-fitted ships nearly double as bunker fuel spread settles at $118 per MT

‘As the price spread seems to have found a steady level slightly above USD 100 per MT, investors are likely to order new ships with a scrubber preinstalled,’ it said.

Mar 19 2021

TORM:Scrubber-equipped vessels to carry five different types of bunker fuels

To date, TORM has installed 46 scrubbers, with four remaining to be installed in 2021 and Q1 2022, including the two scrubbers for the LR2 newbuildings.

Mar 02 2021

CSA: EU Transport Committee scrubber restrictions will delay shipping’s decarbonisation

Recommending a EGCS restriction without supporting scientific evidence is halting progress scrubbers have made towards carbon neutrality, said Executive Director.

Mar 01 2021

CSA highlights ‘crucial role’ of scrubbers in ‘smooth transition’ to IMO 2020

An estimated 4,000 ships worldwide are currently fitted scrubbers which helped to meet requirements set by the IMO2020 and operate throughout the pandemic, it said.

Feb 02 2021

Logan Industries to offer scrubber repair services at new PVHEX facility in Texas

Custom designed facility enables the company to offer independent service for scrubber repair and overboard piping solutions in North America for the first time.

Jan 12 2021

BIMCO: 47% of all newbuilt dry bulkers delivered in 2020 fitted with scrubber

2020 year-to-date average spot market earnings for a scrubber-fitted capesize have exceeded non-scrubber fitted ones by 27%), said Chief Shipping Analyst.

Dec 04 2020

Songa Container optimistic about scrubber investments in post-Covid19 market

A more normalised fuel market will develop post-COVID19, and the profitability of its scrubbers investments is expected to improve in the future, it said.

Dec 01 2020

ICCT study recommends IMO prohibit scrubbers on existing and newbuild vessels

Study acknowledges scrubbers are effective at reducing air emissions of SO2, however the contaminants are dumped overboard in the form of washwater.

Nov 26 2020

The Standard Club: India – Updated Guidelines on Compliance with Marpol Annex VI

Pursuant to this, Adani ports did send out a circular banning open loop scrubber systems, but this was revoked after pressure from the trade, said the Standard Club.

Nov 24 2020

Yara Marine and Norwegian Cruise Line mark eight years of scrubber collaboration

With eight scrubbers installed to date, the program kicked off in 2012 with the first installation on the Pride of America completed in early 2014.

Nov 05 2020

Outokumpu: Marine scrubbers sail ahead with specialist stainless steels

The conditions inside a scrubber are very harsh, with a combination of acids, elevated temperatures and a high chloride content in the wash water, explained corrosion specialist.

Nov 04 2020

Argus Media: Parliament mulls IMO, maritime CO2, scrubbers

The EU environment committee has voted for a ‘phase-out’ of open-loop exhaust scrubbers and calls for members to proceed with its own efforts to decarbonise shipping.

Oct 30 2020

SIBCON 2020: Executive summary of the world’s top bunkering event hosted ‘in a very special year’

Event welcomed over 1,100 attendees from 42 countries; delegates visited virtual booths about 4,800 times; while around 5,800 connections were made, according to data from organiser Informa.

Oct 20 2020

North P&I Club: No Scrubs: More ports declare ban on EGCS discharges *Update*

Attached table outlines North’s updated insight on the stands taken by ports that have or will prohibit the use of scrubbers, or have placed conditions on their use.

Oct 14 2020

New Zealand urges vessels not to discharge scrubber washwater close to its shores

The notice published in the Marshall Islands Registry suggests for shipowners to utilise other options such as low sulphur bunker fuel when entering NZ waters.

Oct 09 2020

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