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Singapore: Lawyer ‘strongly recommends’ bunker suppliers revisit T&Cs for contactless bunkering ops

Significant uptick in the number of quality claims being alleged by ship owners has also been seen since the implementation of contactless bunkering operations, notes Partner at Rajah & Tann.

Jul 28 2021

Malaysia: MMEA detains oil tanker during op at Tanjung Kelesa, Johor

Panama-registered tanker ship was arrested by the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency for alleged illegally anchoring at Tanjung Kelesa, Johor.

Jul 26 2021

Singapore: Contactless bunkering protocol breach may lead to regulatory action and tort of negligence claims

Associate Director at Helmsman highlights the need to stay up-to-date with latest protocols / measures introduced by MPA, with continuous education of Master and crew of the visiting vessel.

Jul 23 2021

Singapore: Xihe Group affiliated “Ocean Pegasus” sold for USD 17 million

Creditors having claim against the ship or the proceeds of the sale should accordingly follow up with relevant parties before the deadline.

Jul 22 2021

Contactless bunkering operations at Singapore port ‘raises questions’ on remedies in event of breach

Senior Associate at Clyde & Co offers guidance to protect shipowners and bunker tanker operators in the event opposing counterparty breaches Covid-19 protocols, resulting in Covid-19 transmission.

Jul 21 2021


Having a surveyor’s watchful eye to detect illegal activities also sends a strong signal to barge and vessel crew not to undertake any intended non-compliance, states VPS Senior Sales Manager.

Jul 21 2021

Vietnam: Coastguard arrests vessel transporting 50,000 litres of diesel oil

2nd Reconnaissance Group inspected the wooden hulled ship “KG 95945 TS” on 14 July and found no supporting documents proving the origin of the oil.

Jul 16 2021

MPA updates requirements for vessels arriving at Singapore during Covid-19

Owners, agents and masters of vessels must ensure that all operations are carried out contactless or contactless with segregation protocol, states MPA.

Jul 15 2021

Singapore: Imprisonment of Sea Hub Energy Director ‘unrelated to company integrity’, says majority shareholder

‘To be clear, the activities undertaken by Ang outside of Sea Hub are categorically unrelated to the current non-active status of the company,’ Glen Lim, Shipping Director of Sea hub, tells Manifold Times.

Jul 14 2021

Malaysia: MMEA arrests oil tanker during op at North of Tanjung Siang, Johor

The Mongolia register tanker ship was caught by the Malasian Maritime Enforcement Agency for illegally anchored at North Of Tanjung Siang, Johor.

Jul 09 2021

World Fuel Singapore Holding Company II in voluntary liquidation exercise

Creditors required to send in names and addresses and the particulars of debts to EY Corporate Advisors by 10 August 2021, or be excluded from benefits.

Jul 08 2021

Shell MGO bunker heist: Two former Shell employees jailed over theft

Muhammad Ashraf Hamzah was sentenced to nine and a half years’ jail, while Sadagopan Premnath received a six years and eight-month imprisonment term.

Jul 06 2021

Oil tanker earlier arrested for illegal anchoring, caught repeating same offense

The Saint Kitts and Nevis registered tanker which earlier illegally anchored in Eastern Johor waters, was found repeating the same offense on 4 July, 2pm.

Jul 05 2021

MMEA Johor arrests “Sierra Leone”-registered tanker and local fishing boat

The two vessel arrests were carried out by MMEA patrol boats while undergoing enforcement operations around East Johor’s waters on Wednesday.

Jul 02 2021

Malaysia: MMEA Penang arrests Hong Kong-registered tanker “New Laurel”

Arrest was from information received from an air operation along the Straits of Melaka, where the ship was spotted off Kendi Island around 12.00 pm on Tuesday.

Jul 01 2021

Singapore: Notice of final meeting for Daxin Petroleum and HL Bank Nominees

Final meeting of both companies will be held via audio visual communication, on the 30th day of July 2021 at (1) 10.00 a.m. and (2) 11.00 a.m., states notice.

Jul 01 2021

Singapore: Five to seven months’ imprisonment for former crew of bunker tanker “Marmoris”

Police Coast Guard caught bunker tanker’s crew siphoning MGO off the vessel at the sea area off Bedok on 23 May, Fleet Agency Director, Agency Division of Iships Mgmt Pte Ltd, tells Manifold Times.

Jun 29 2021

Singapore: Helmsman Director to hold ‘Masterclass’ on ship sale and purchase agreements

Knowledge from the masterclass organised by M.I.C.E Global in late July can be applied to transactions within the bunker tanker segment, shares Maureen Poh, Director of Helmsman LLC.

Jun 29 2021

Magnets on Meters: Director of Urban Energy to serve 34 months’ imprisonment over bunkering offences

Director handed industrial strength magnets to cargo officers of Southernpec 6 and Southernpec 7 and provided instructions on where to place the magnet on the MFM, according to court documents.

Jun 28 2021

Singapore-registered tankers “Ocean Rose” and “Ocean Falcon” detained

Detentions are believed to be in line with latest developments taken by parties related to the collapse of Hin Leong Trading Pte ltd.

Jun 28 2021

Hin Leong Trading Founder faces additional 105 cheating, forgery charges in court

Lim Oon Kuin now faces a total of 130 charges; bail amount has been increased to S$4 million due to increased amount of players and outstanding sums.

Jun 25 2021

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