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New Silkroutes under investigation over possible breach of Securities and Futures Act

The firm will be cooperating with CAD and MAS to assist the investigation, and its operations have not been affected and will continue as usual, says spokesman.

Sep 28 2020

KS Energy and KS Drilling placed under IJM; OCBC faces USD 282 million exposure

OCBC has lost all confidence in the companies’ management and is looking to recover payments for some loans including a “Jumbo Loan” of about USD 282 million.

Sep 25 2020

Agritrade Power Pte Ltd faces winding up application from Maybank Singapore

The application was filed on 18 September, and a hearing has been scheduled for 10.00 am on Friday (9 October) at the High Court of the Republic of Singapore.

Sep 25 2020

Malaysia: MMEA detains Singapore-flagged bunker tanker for anchoring without permit

The vessel was found by the patrol team at 12 pm on Tuesday (22 September) about 4.5 nautical miles southeast of Tanjung Piai; it was carrying a cargo of crude oil.

Sep 24 2020

MMEA Johor detains Panama-flagged tanker for anchoring without a permit

The vessel was spotted by the MMEA patrol team at about 11.20 am, 11 nautical miles east of Tanjung Penawar while carrying out routine inspections on Friday.

Sep 21 2020

Singapore: Bulk carrier “Sam Jaguar” sold for USD 10.26 million at court auction

Credit Suisse Singapore applied for the vessel sale in August, and anyone with a claim against the vessel should contest within 90 days of the payment.

Sep 21 2020

Vietnam: Coast guard detains vessel carrying 30,000 litres of undocumented diesel

This is the second offence within a year for TG 90959TS, the vessel was caught carrying 45,000 litres of illegal diesel oil in October 2019.

Sep 18 2020

Second arrest warrant issued for GP Global’s ‘GP B3’ over outstanding bills from creditors

The Gujarat High Court granted ship management company, Celestial Ship Management Pte Ltd’s request to detain GP B3 over $600,000 of unpaid bills, reports Reuters.

Sep 17 2020

Winson Group wins ICC backing in dispute against banks over credit for Hin Leong Trading

The company is seeking legal action against Standard Chartered Bank and OCBC over unpaid letters of credit issued in relation to Hin Leong trades, reports Reuters.

Sep 16 2020

Judicial Managers considering to take former Singapore Director of Inter-Pacific Petroleum to court

Deloitte & Touche JMs believe IPP has a viable claim against Dr Goh Jin Hian for breaches of his director’s duties to act with skill, care and diligence which he owned to IPP, states court document.

Sep 16 2020

GP Global tanker ‘GP B3’ detained in India due to loan defaults with creditors

National Bank of Fujairah is looking to recover the outstanding amount of USD 2 million from a USD 11 million loan taken out in 2015 by GP Global, reports Reuters.

Sep 15 2020

Zenrock Commodities files for winding up order, hearing date set

The winding up application is directed to be heard at the High Court of the Republic of Singapore at 10.00 am on Monday 28 September.

Sep 14 2020

Hontop Energy placed under judicial management over fraudulent conduct accusations

The application was filed by CIMB Bank Singapore in June, as the bank looked to recover USD 105 million from Hontop; RSM Corporate Advisory appointed Judicial Managers.

Sep 14 2020

Vietnam: Marine Police detains ‘TG 91737TS’ for carrying 70,000 litres of illegal diesel oil

During initial investigations the Captain revealed he was carrying 70,000 litres of diesel oil but could not produce the proper documents to verify the origin of the fuel.

Sep 11 2020

Magnets on MFMs: Trial ends with ten-month imprisonment term for Bunker Clerk of “Fragrance”

Mok’s offence affected public confidence in the use of the MFM system onboard Singapore bunker tankers, and caused an embarrassment to the MPA, said Deputy Public Prosecutors.

Sep 11 2020

Deutsche Bank America enters settlement with OFAC over Ukraine fuel oil transactions

On August 6, 2015, DBTCA processed a USD 28.85 million funds transfer through the United States involving Ukraine sanctioned IPP Oil Products (Cyprus) Limited.

Sep 10 2020

Rajah & Tann: “Black ships” of the Industry – US Sanctions and what they all mean

US sanctions have given rise to the Dark Web of Shipping and Covid-19 is likely to force shipowners to take unprecedented risks and supply to ‘black ships’, says Partner.

Sep 08 2020

Malaysia: MMEA Johor detains tanker carrying 80 tonnes of Marine Diesel Oil

The vessel is registered in Malabo, Republic of Equatorial Guinea, and was discovered to be anchored without a permit 4.1 nautical miles southeast of Tanjung Piai.

Sep 08 2020

MMEA Johor detains second Mongolian-flagged tanker this week for illegally anchoring

The vessel was discovered by the Tanjung Sedili Maritime Zone’s patrol team at 11.35 am on Sunday (6 September) about 12.5 nautical miles east of Tanjung Siang.

Sep 08 2020

Mauritius oil spill highlights importance of adopting latest international legal instruments

Legal instruments for liability and compensation will be critical in respect of the economic consequences, as well as for the reinstatement of the environment, said UNCTAD.

Sep 08 2020

CPIB charges former Fratelli Cosulich employee and contractor with corruption

Former Technical Manager was slapped with a total five charges including three counts of unlawfully receiving SGD 59,750 to advance a contractors’ business interest.

Sep 07 2020

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