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FOBAS: Off Specification Sediment (TSP) Fuels from ARA (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp) Region

Fuels with high sediments can result in excessive sludge deposition in tanks and throughout the handling and treatment/fuel injection systems, said the laboratory.

Jun 29 2022

FOBAS: Contaminated Fuels from ARA (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp) Region

Presence of Phenolic compounds at high levels contravenes the revised MARPOL Annex VI regulation 18.3 and International Marine Fuel Standard ISO 8217, Clause 5.

Jun 28 2022

Intertek Lintec Bunker Alert: High Sediment Fuel from Tallinn

High sediment fuels can impede the purification process and promote sludge build up in purifiers, which can also lead to potential wear damage, the company cautions.

Jun 24 2022

IBIA explainer: IMO’s new flashpoint documentation requirement

Suppliers will need to provide an actual measured flashpoint value on the bunker delivery note, unless the flashpoint has been measured at or above 70°C.

Jun 22 2022

VPS: Rising fuel quality issues linked to rising fuel costs

Pearson Correlation Coefficient value of 0.701 shows rise of crude oil price leading to reduced bunker fuel quality and an increase of marine fuel off-specs.

Jun 14 2022

NGOs: UN Shipping Agency still stalling on immediate climate action, despite alarm bells

IMO squandered an opportunity to reduce shipping’s impact on the climate and on the Arctic by failing to make progress on effective short-term measures, says Clean Arctic Alliance.

Jun 14 2022

FOBAS Alert: High water content in bunker fuels from Singapore

Carry over of water into engine fuel rail has potential to cause damage to fuel pumps, injectors, cylinder components and possible turbocharger surging and fouling, says agency.

Jun 13 2022

FOBAS: Classification of Marine Fuels through BDN’s to Assess Emission Factor for IMO DCS & EU MRV Verification

Shipowners are recommended to liaise closely with fuel oil suppliers to confirm fuel name and grade follow ISO 8217 guidelines when mentioned in Bunker Delivery Notes.

Jun 07 2022

IUMI: A changing role of insurers in bunker fuel contamination cases

Singapore bunker fuel contamination has led to questions if insurers are better positioned to respond to such industry issues today than in the past, says Gard (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Jun 06 2022

Whitepaper: Renewable diesel blends are the ‘immediate solution’ worldwide for maritime sector

Better and safer starting point could be a blend of VLSFO with different percentages of HVO that meet ISO 8217:2017 specs rather than using pure HVO, suggests Blend Tiger LLC study.

May 31 2022

IMO MPEC 78th virtual sessions to be held between 6 to 10 June

Further discussions on carbon pricing, GHG fuel standard, enhancement of IMO’s carbon intensity measures are expected to take place during the MEPC 78 session.

May 31 2022

Peninsula Petroleum: Low viscosity vs. lubricity

‘Lubricity is not a major concern for marine fuels and is only applicable to ultra-low sulphur “bright & clear” distillate fuels,’ says Jeroen de Vos.

May 30 2022

The Lab’s fuel testing services secure UKAS accreditation

UKAS accreditation covers chemical and physical tests for petroleum and petroleum products (fuel oil), states Brookes Bell.

May 26 2022

China: Cargo vessel found breaching 0.5% sulphur limit

Final test showed material used in the ship had a sulphur content of 2.604%, five times the maximum permitted value for bunker fuel.

May 19 2022

IBIA: MSC 105 approves new IMO regulations on flashpoint

If fully adopted at MSC 106 in November, SOLAS amendments to prevent supply of marine fuels with a flashpoint of below 60°C are expected to be enforced from 1 January, 2026.

May 13 2022

Gard: Bunker quality – do bunker suppliers have charterers over a barrel?

Singapore bunker fuel contamination reveals imbalance of recourse opportunities in bunker sale contracts between time charterers and other parties.

May 11 2022

FOBAS: Microbial contamination and monitoring in marine fuels and bunker storage tanks

MGO fuels are more susceptible than HFO/VLSFO fuels to microbial contamination as well as bunker fuel containing FAME and other bio-products.

May 06 2022

Singapore: MPA investigation traces contaminated bunker fuel back to source at Port of Khor Fakkan

Glencore purchased fuel through Straits Pinnacle which contracted supply from Unicious Energy. Contaminated HSFO was loaded at Khor Fakkan port and shipped to a FSU in Tanjong Pelepas, Malaysia to be further blended.

May 05 2022

IBIA: MSC 105 discussion to continue on sampling to determine flashpoint compliance

IBIA suggested to a working group that existing delivered MARPOL sample, which is also recorded on the bunker delivery note, could be used to check for flashpoint.

May 05 2022

UZMAR Shipyard, Robert Allan Ltd sign methanol-fuelled tugboat design agreement

Exclusive to UZMAR, these new designs represent a new generation of lower emission tugs that the company’s clients are demanding to meet CO2 reduction targets.

May 05 2022

Argus Media: Compensation adds to Singapore bunker contamination row

There is no blanket fix, with any compensation to parties involved having to be handled on a case-by-case basis, says market participants.

Apr 28 2022

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