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IBIA: Off-specs and bunker licensing discussed at IMO

IBIA told MSC 106 that off-spec data from 2020 came across as ‘overly alarming’ for several reasons, noting that an “off-spec” fuel does not necessarily pose a significant safety risk to the ship.

Dec 05 2022

IBIA: New IMO regulations on flashpoint put onus on suppliers

IBIA has worked hard to ensure the amendments are pragmatic and workable,’ states IBIA Director Unni Einemo who provides an explainer in the update.

Nov 28 2022

New ICS guide launched to help owners and operators navigate EEXI and CII regulations

It is the industry’s first definitive guide to the IMO GHG regulations, helping decision makers through major technical and operational changes in achieving the CO2 reduction targets, says ICS.

Nov 24 2022

IAPH Clean Marine Fuels Working Group releases updated bunkering checklists for liquified gases

IAPH Clean Marine Fuels Working Group’s Liquefied Gas bunker checklist series covers ship-to-ship and truck-to-ship bunkering of liquefied gasses as a marine fuel in ports.

Nov 11 2022

Argus Media: Marine biodiesel demand set to grow next year

Tight marine gasoil supply could buoy interest in B100 biodiesel for bunkering in European emission control area zones early next year, says Argus Media.

Nov 10 2022

ENGINE: Europe & Africa Bunker Fuel Availability Outlook

Low sulphur supply normal in the ARA and Gibraltar Strait; ARA fuel oil stocks recover from multi-month lows; bunker supplies normal in Durban, Algoa Bay.

Nov 10 2022

FOBAS: Low flash point VLSFO fuels found in Singapore

Tested results range from < 40°C to 54 °C after FOBAS tested a number of samples from Singapore, which were ordered and supplied as VLSFO, according to bulletin.

Nov 07 2022

VPS: The importance of bunker fuel chemical screening and why it can no longer be ignored

Shipowners who are not already conducting the chemical contamination screening test should review their fuel management strategy to minimise risk, VPS advises in list of recommendations.

Nov 04 2022

GoodFuels, NORDEN, Control Union and IDS Group successfully test isotopic tracer for marine biofuels

Isotopic tracer stays within the fuel throughout entire downstream of fuel delivery; it can be tracked and traced by inspectors to verify a fuel product has not been diluted or tampered with.

Oct 28 2022

FOBAS: Organic Chlorides in Singapore – CIMAC update

CIMAC paper finds there is a correlation between elevated levels of Chlorinated Organic Compounds and equipment failure in its cause-and effect evaluation.

Oct 27 2022

Glencore Singapore temporary bunker licence suspension ends

This was following MPA’s action in suspending the firm’s licence from 18 August 2022; company is listed again on MPA’s updated list of licensed bunker suppliers.

Oct 27 2022

West of England updates Neptune platform with bunker quality statistics from May to Oct 2022

VLSFO bunkers delivered in Antwerp have failed to comply with the Sulphur content limit in 5.6% of cases in the current period; 1.7% of test results exceeded 0.53%m/m.

Oct 17 2022

Test results of independent laboratories confirm positive impact of Aderco 2055G on biofuel bunker fuel storage

‘There are different types of biofuels, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks in terms of stability, acidity and microbial growth,’ Philippe Lecloux, Aderco Group Head of Marine, tells Manifold Times.

Oct 13 2022

SIBCON 2022: Development of ISO 8217:2024 in progress; but ‘ineffective’ without industry adoption, foresees VPS

Captain Rahul Choudhuri shares how Singapore’s provisional national standard on specifications of marine biofuel (WA 2:2022) can protect ship owners keen on embarking with biofuel bunkering trials.

Oct 12 2022

SIBCON 2022 Interview: ExxonMobil to invest more than USD $15bn on GHG reduction initiatives by 2027

Haur-Bin Chua, Regional Commercial Fuels Sales Director, Marine, ExxonMobil Asia Pacific, discusses market dynamics, the adoption of MFM technology, and digitalisation of the bunkering value chain with Manifold Times.

Oct 12 2022

Report: Off-spec bunkers leave ship operators with estimated USD $27k – 50k bill per event

Strong evidence suggests operators need reliable support in bunkering disputes and independent testing and verification is the only way of being truly supported.

Oct 10 2022

SIBCON 2022: Singapore sets out to drive transformation in bunkering

New initiatives on biofuel as marine fuel, digital bunkering and fuel quality assurance announced at the 22nd edition from 4 to 7 October 2022.

Oct 05 2022

Infineum: Significant proportion of tanker fleet to be below minimum ‘C’ CII rating by 2030, without corrective action

Rob Ashton, Market Manager of Infineum, explains how Infineum B402 is a relatively easy way for a ship operator to positively influence a vessel’s CII rating while improving its bunker fuel consumption performance.

Oct 03 2022

ClassNK issues AiP for ammonia bunkering vessel developed by NYK Line

Ammonia bunkering vessel developed by NYK Line will be used as a bunkering vessel for ammonia-fuelled vessels, which are expected to be widely used in the late 2020s.

Sep 29 2022

SIBCON 2022 Interview: Clyde & Co discusses handling of bunker fuel quality disputes, alt fuels contracts

‘There are some important differences between VLSFO and biofuels, and as a result, parties should consider whether additional changes should be made to biofuel bunker contracts,’ says Paul Collier.

Sep 28 2022

SIBCON 2022 Interview: Singapore Bunkering TC Chairman shares republic’s direction on future marine fuels

Current ISO 8217 bunker fuel standard not comprehensive enough for biofuels; National Mirror Committee working with local players to develop more comprehensive biofuels standard for Singapore, says Capt. Rahul.

Sep 28 2022

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