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Belfast Harbour launches study to manage shipping emissions via satellite remote sensing

The study is based on a collaboration between Redshift Associates and the University of Leicester and will be funded by a £4.8 million grant from SPRINT.

Oct 01 2020

Singapore: MPA runs joint oil spill exercise incorporating Covid-19 safety measures

The exercise was held jointly with the Police Coast Guard and the Singapore Civil Defence Force to test inter-agency coordination and response to oil spill incidents.

Sep 30 2020

Klaveness Combination finds current measures to decarbonise shipping ‘questionable’

Higher taxes on fossil fuels and/or carbon pricing will be necessary to incentivise shipping to make necessary investments and start using low carbon fuels, it said.

Sep 30 2020

Shell outlines its path to decarbonising through hydrogen and fuel cells to power ships

‘By setting an ambitious course, openly and transparently, (I hope) others will be encouraged to join us to create a net-zero emissions future for shipping,’ says Head of Maritime.

Sep 30 2020

BIMCO: Decoupling of world trade and emissions is a reality for shipping

Rather than focusing on the rise in emissions between 2012 and 2018, we should note the level trade and emissions in shipping have decoupled, said Deputy Secretary General.

Sep 17 2020

ClassNK conducts independent verification for IINO Kaiun Kaisha GHG assertions

IINO Lines conducted GHG assertions from April 2018 to March 2019, quantifying emissions from its fleet, and ClassNK conducted the verification according to ISO 14064-3.

Sep 14 2020

Clean Arctic Alliance calls out proposed Arctic shipping regulation to be full of loopholes

‘Proposed exemptions for ships with protected fuel tanks and waivers for Arctic coastal nations’ ships operating in their own waters, will fail to protect the Arctic,’ it said.

Sep 04 2020

Getting to Zero Coalition observes first movers in maritime committed to decarbonisation

The coalition said it recently published a preliminary mapping of 66 zero emission pilots and demonstration projects currently underway around the world.

Sep 04 2020

Cargill-ZeroNorth collaboration to reduce CO2 emissions and bunker fuel consumption

‘By using the quantitative data approach on vessel performance, Cargill’s customers will benefit from reduced CO2 emissions and bunker consumption,’ it said.

Sep 03 2020

DFDS unveils new climate action plan to be climate neutral by 2050

Current emissions pose a significant economic risk: customers will find climate-friendly suppliers and the costs related to regulatory requirements will increase, it said.

Sep 03 2020

DNV GL: Shipowners must stay vigilant to upcoming environmental regulations

There is an increasing tendency towards establishing local regulations around the world, and DNV GL recommends the IMO to be the key arbiter in this process.

Sep 01 2020

K-Line, Mitsubishi and partners to test marine CO2 capture to achieve zero emissions

Project will not only verify the efficacy of capturing and storing CO2 from a vessel’s emissions, but also the operability and safety of CO2 capture facilities at sea.

Sep 01 2020

California approved regulation to reduce harmful emissions from ships while docked

Building on the 2007 At-berth Regulation, the updated rule adds new vessel categories which will be required to control pollution when running auxiliary engines or boilers.

Aug 31 2020

Saudi Ports Authority bans scrubber washwater discharge in territorial waters

According to the circular, the ban for open loop scrubber washwater is in effect until an “environmental standard is issued in this regard”.

Aug 19 2020

IMO continues to mitigate impact of Wakashio oil spill, though insurance is limited

‘Given that the ship involved is a bulk carrier, other international conventions specific to pollution damage caused by oil tankers do not apply in this case,’ it said.

Aug 19 2020

MOL releases second update on “MV Wakashio”, all remaining bunker fuel pumped out

Approximately all quantity(Estimated around 3,000MT) of oil remaining onboard, has been recovered from the vessel and transferred to small tankers by August 12, it said.

Aug 14 2020

NTU Ecolabs in initiative to develop alternative bunker fuels, sustainable shipping tech

Under this scale-up initiative, EcoLabs and its partners will support each firm with SGD 100,000, in-kind contribution, investments and co-funding of projects.

Aug 12 2020

MOL releases second update on “MV Wakashio”, 1800 mt of fuel remain onboard

Approximately 460 mt of 1000mt of leaked fuel is estimated to have been manually recovered and 1,600 mt of VLSFO and about 200 mt of DO remain on the ship.

Aug 12 2020

IMO supports Mauritius in “MV Wakashio” oil spill response issues with technical advice

IMO and the United Nations Environment Programme for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) have jointly deployed an oil spill response expert, it said.

Aug 12 2020

MOL and Nagashiki Shipping release update on grounded bulk carrier “MV Wakashio”

‘The situation is being closely monitored and in view of poor sea conditions, salvage efforts are currently on hold […] crew are safe and have been transferred to shore,’ it said.

Aug 11 2020

Governments more accountable for shipping emissions than perceived, reports study

‘Most countries, […], continue to count shipping emissions inaccurately e.g. on the basis of fuel sold to shipping as opposed to actual voyages and activity,’ said UMAS.

Aug 11 2020

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