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Taiwan applies for tougher restrictions on bunker, aviation, and land-based fuels

0.5% sulphur cap will apply for Taiwanese international and domestic vessels by 1 July 2020, even though it is not a member of the IMO, states government.

Mar 23 2020

Taiwan’s efforts to apply 0.5% sulphur cap at commercial ports prove effective

Taiwan first started implementing the sulphur cap in 2018 and even offered a subsidy to those who wish to switch to compliant fuel; SOx emissions have since reduced by 40%.

Mar 23 2020

Photo Essay: “Marine Vicky” in multi-agency emergency preparedness exercise at Singapore port

The emergency preparedness exercise involving SCDF, PCG, MPA, and Sinanju was carried out on the LNG dual-fuel bunker tanker at Raffles Anchorage on 17 March, learned Manifold Times.

Mar 20 2020

EU transport ministers back lower emissions for shipping sector

Declaration targeting a ‘carbon-neutral and zero pollution’ maritime sector was signed in an informal meeting; draft to be presented at next full council meeting.

Mar 13 2020

Cargill and partners launch maritime decarbonisation program in Singapore

With ten other industry leaders, it aims to unite startups and industry players to test transformational technologies that reduce CO2 emissions.

Mar 12 2020

IBIA: Call for IMO database on local and regional EGCS discharge restrictions

‘The database would presumably be managed by the IMO,requiring all members to report on specific restrictions in ports and waters under their jurisdiction,’ says IBIA Director.

Mar 12 2020

IBIA statement on EGCS discussion at IMO’s PPR meeting: Avoid confirmation bias

IBIA urges IMO to avoid implementing a ‘one size fits all’ policy for EGCS emission guidelines by requiring relevant evaluations and scientific backings from specific areas.

Mar 11 2020

Wärtsilä: Long live the internal combustion engine

‘What strikes us is that the combustion engine is extremely fuel flexible and only minor changes are needed to adapt it to new fuels,’ says Wärtsilä manager.

Mar 09 2020

Geospock: Mapping maritime’s journey to zero-carbon with big data

‘Maritime has the opportunity to tackle sustainability by embracing data and developing a hub for maritime intelligence,’ says Maritime Business Development Manager.

Mar 05 2020

EU funding boosts vessel fuel efficiency mission of SeaTech consortium

Developing ultra-high energy conversion and renewable energy propulsion to lower emissions and bunker costs.

Mar 03 2020

ICS reminder: Ships can be detained under IMO 2020 rule from 1 March

Major port state regimes have already made clear they will rigorously enforce sulphur requirements, says ICS.

Mar 02 2020

IBIA: Update on IMO Arctic HFO usage and carriage ban

IMO’s PPR Sub Committee to amend July 2024 usage and carriage ban, with caveat to extend usage for domestic shipping.

Mar 02 2020

IMO: Strategies to meet GHG strategy discussed at Sweden meeting

Expert workshop held at World Maritime University, jointly organised with International Transport Forum and Nordic Energy Research.

Mar 02 2020

Clean Arctic Alliance highlights loophole in HFO draft regulation as ‘outrageous’

Alliance calls for IMO to remove loopholes in draft regulation which leave the Arctic exposed to HFO for another decade until July 2029.

Feb 25 2020

IMO calls for ‘urgent need’ to reduce GHG emissions from shipping

GHG reduction requires ‘new zero-carbon marine fuels or propulsion technologies,’ says Kitack Lim.

Feb 24 2020

BIMCO joins Japan on proposal to regulate carbon intensity of existing ships

Package of amendments to environmental guidelines has been submitted to the working group on GHG reductions.

Feb 21 2020

ECSA publishes position paper in response to EU Green Deal

Welcomes EU climate change ambition by outlining eight points where it can work with the shipping industry.

Feb 20 2020

Clean Arctic Alliance welcomes Canada’s backing of heavy fuel oil ban

IMO must ‘not entertain any arguments calling for a delay or exemptions’ in implementation of Arctic HFO ban, says Dr Sian Prior.

Feb 20 2020

Rotterdam in partnership to build battery/hydrogen fuel infrastructure

Forms agreement with E.ON and DeltaPort to implement battery container or hydrogen refuelling services in pilot project at Wesel.

Feb 19 2020

IMO PPR committee to finalise verification guidelines for fuel oil carriage ban

Sub-committee will also revise 2015 Guidelines for scrubbers; develop measures to protect the arctic environment; and more.

Feb 18 2020

Clean Arctic Alliance: Will London shipping summit act to protect Arctic from spills and emissions?

Clean Arctic Alliance reiterates its request for the IMO to urgently require all ships operating in the Arctic to switch to distillate fuels, in order to significantly reduce black carbon emissions.

Feb 18 2020

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