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MOL refutes ‘seriously flawed conclusions’ made in Forbes Wakashio article

There are numerous factual inaccuracies throughout the article in relation to MOL and other organisations and evidence or justification, it said.

Jan 19 2021

Rainmaking to accelerate inter-industry innovation platform to decarbonise shipping

The industry doesn’t want to decarbonise just to be compliant. We recognise the biggest threat is climate change […] and we want to be proactive, said Director.

Jan 13 2021

Shell Marine lube contract with Carnival Corporation features carbon credits

Carnival awards Shell with multi-year contract to provide marine lubricants to its ships where it will also offset carbon emissions through Shell’s nature-based carbon credits.

Jan 13 2021

South Korea: Ministries unveil initiative to advance green tech for shipping & marine fuel

Initiative is in response to upcoming IMO environmental regulations, the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS), and the paradigm shift in the maritime industry.

Dec 24 2020

Shipowners should use pandemic downtime to retrofit, advises Wärtsilä

With most retrofits requiring docking, the pandemic offers an economically sound opportunity to upgrade old ships into leaner vessels for the future, it said.

Dec 23 2020

ESPO: EU Mobility Strategy lacks comprehensive approach to strengthen role of ports

Commission aims to make EU’s transport system resilient, but the plan lacks a holistic vision on strengthening the role of ports as engines of growth and recovery.

Dec 18 2020

Over 100 NGOs concerned EU ‘sustainable’ classification includes fossil-fuel burning ships

Without external experts or civil society, the EU’s proposed standards are so low that almost all coastal cargo ships sailing today could be labelled green, said T&E.

Dec 16 2020

‘Just-In-Time’ arrival trial reports 8-9% bunker fuel savings by cutting vessel idle time

Exercise was conducted by the Port of Rotterdam, Maersk and MSC, and IMO and involved analyzing data from 26 vessels over a period of one month.

Dec 15 2020

IBIA guide to IMO’s latest GHG measures

Initial short-term measures include tightening existing mandatory energy efficiency measures, and introducing new technical and operational efficiency measures.

Dec 11 2020

EC to reconsider bunker fuel tax exemption and rallies deployment of alternative fuels

European Commission’s strategy paper ‘Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy’ outlines its plans for the decarbonisation of shipping including establishing more ECAs.

Dec 11 2020

South Korea and Japan join industry groups opposing EU plan to include shipping in ETS

South Korean and Japanese governments have submitted statements to the EU against the application of the EU-ETS for shipping, reports Reuters.

Nov 30 2020

Inuit Circumpolar Council ‘disappointed’ in ‘inconsistent’ IMO HFO Arctic regulation

‘The current Heavy Fuel Oil regulation as passed will not effectively protect the Arctic from HFO for over a decade, yet it is labelled a ban,’ said Vice President.

Nov 30 2020

BIMCO: IMO has approved short-term GHG reduction measures

BIMCO concerned with the proposed procedure for onboard sampling since the only truly representative fuel oil sample is the MARPOL sample.

Nov 27 2020

ESPO urges for more ambitious targets for IMO MEPC75 to deliver on Green Deal

Europe’s ports will therefore support the EU approach to closely monitor and evaluate whether sufficient progress is being made on the international level by 2023.

Nov 25 2020

ABS publishes MEPC 75 brief to provide overview on issues discussed upon at the session

Brief includes summary of the more significant issues agreed at this session, including matters pertaining to GHG reduction, air pollution, and energy efficiency, said ABS.

Nov 25 2020

Ship emissions shown to alter behaviour of clouds in study by University of Manchester

‘Traditionally, ship fuel is one of the dirtiest forms of fossil fuels in use, but these results give an insight into what kind of a change the new regulations can have,’ states Dr Allan.

Nov 25 2020

Argus Media: IMO to consider fuel levy to develop zero-carbon fuels

The International Chamber of Shipping proposed a $2/t levy on marine fuel purchases last year to create a fund for development of zero-carbon marine fuels, it said.

Nov 24 2020

IBIA urges IMO Members to apply amendments to MARPOL bunker sulphur test policy

Currently, having different verification measures for MARPOL delivered samples versus in-use, on board samples might cause unintended confusion and conflict, said IBIA.

Nov 23 2020

Shipping industry welcomes IMO verdict on USD 5 billion fund to advance decarbonisation

The International Chamber of Shipping noted the R&D programme will be conducted by a new International Maritime Research and Development Board.

Nov 23 2020

IMO approves amendment to MARPOL convention to reduce emissions of existing ships

The drafted amendments to the MARPOL convention would require ships to combine a technical and an operational approach to reduce their carbon intensity, it said.

Nov 19 2020

Environmental NGOs against IMO approving a decade of rising GHG emissions

An IMO committee has approved a proposal allowing the shipping sector’s 1 billion tonnes of annual GHG to rise for the rest of this decade, said NGOs.

Nov 18 2020

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