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Viswa Lab report links incorrect usage of lube oil to excessive engine liner wear

‘Excessive liner wear while using the new VLSFO fuels’ analysed 12 cases of abnormal engine cylinder liner wear out of over 20,000 tested VLSFO bunker samples.

Mar 26 2020

PMI Trading responds to Nustar Energy over alleged off-spec bunker fuel supply at Houston

Seeks to enforce either arbitration clause under contract or to dismiss NuStar and TPP respective liability claims, according to documents obtained by Manifold Times.

Mar 24 2020

Eurofins: Shipowners and Crew ‘most vulnerable’ in complex bunker fuel supply ‘deadlock’

‘There is no solution on the horizon until a statistical study and scientific consensus is reached clearly about Deleterious Materials,’ states Technical Sales Manager.

Feb 21 2020

VPS highlights significance of recording Bunker Delivery Note seal numbers

Focuses on the lack of awareness on the importance of recording BDN seal numbers – which protects buyers and sellers in the event of a quality dispute.

Feb 18 2020

FOBAS ALERT: Elevated sediment fuels from Balboa

Samples supposed to be ISO-F-RMG380 grade exceeded total sediment limit of 0.1% outlined by ISO 8217 – indicating the fuel to be unstable.

Feb 11 2020

FOBAS Alert: Elevated sediment fuels from Rotterdam

Recommends ships to obtain additional reassurance suppliers adhere to the ISO 8217 requirements when bunkering in Rotterdam.

Feb 04 2020

FOBAS Alert: Elevated sediment fuels from Greek ports

Unstable fuels caused by high sediments will result in excessive sludge deposition in fuel handling and treatment systems.

Feb 03 2020

Argus Media: Sediment rates high in Americas bunkers, says Lloyd’s Register

9% of low sulphur fuel samples in the Americas analysed between 1 December to 13 January found to be off spec for issues, including engine-damaging sediment, says FOBAS.

Jan 28 2020

GARD: Target for 0.47% in VLSFO test sample to ensure IMO compliance

For bunker producer/supplier to meet 95% confidence limit, blend target should be the limit minus 0.59R.

Jan 14 2020

FOBAS: Off-spec fuel quality report records 106 instances worldwide

A variety of issues, including elevated total sediment potential, were seen from bunker samples at Singapore port.

Jan 08 2020

Argus Media viewpoint: 0.5pc fuel oil primacy to prolong tightness

Bunker congestion at major Mediterranean ports could continue well into 2020 over availability, says analyst.

Jan 02 2020

Singapore bunker samples ‘treading dangerously’ near sulphur limit prior to IMO 2020

Eurofins shares rule of thumb to determine ‘new generation’ or ‘traditional’ bunker blends and highlights potential hydrowax entering local bunker stream.

Dec 24 2019

FOBAS Alert: Off Specification Sediment VLSFO from Singapore port

Using such fuels can result in highly compromised combustion leading to engine and turbocharger damage.

Dec 19 2019

FOBAS Alerts: Estonian Shale oil in VLSFO bunker fuel from ARA region

Historic evidence of causing problems due to sludging, particularly during purification and around filters.

Dec 18 2019

FOBAS Alert: Off spec sediment bunker fuel from ARA region

Majority of these fuels have been VLSFO and ULSFO fuels which has higher risk of issues with instability.

Dec 17 2019

FOBAS: Cat fines and Total Sediment Potential off specs at Singapore port

Singapore, Rotterdam and Antwerp saw most number of off-spec cases during 2H November show report.

Dec 08 2019

FOBAS introduces Sediments & Wax Precipitation Point test for VLSFO

Labs now ready to provide additional test to help set an optimum fuel temperature for low viscosity fuels.

Dec 05 2019

Effects of extraneous materials in bunker fuels overhyped, says FOBAS spokesman

‘Most marine fuels will contain extraneous materials of some type or another’ Douglas Raitt shares.

Nov 25 2019

ISO 8217 standard not realistic for 0.5%S VLSFO, says bunker blending veteran

‘The situation now is fuels can have contaminants, but are also still “fit for purpose”,’ says Ara Barsamian, CEO of Refinery Automation Institute.

Nov 25 2019

Certain IMO 2020 fuels prone to tank/pipework corrosion

Marine fuels blended by biodiesel, HSFO and distillates may form biofilm and clog up fuel filters, says LuminUltra.

Nov 13 2019

FOBAS Alert: Off spec high sediment bunker fuels from Antwerp port

Fuels with high sediments can result in excessive sludge deposition in tanks, leading to blocked filters.

Nov 13 2019

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