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Infineum: Significant proportion of tanker fleet to be below minimum ‘C’ CII rating by 2030, without corrective action

Rob Ashton, Market Manager of Infineum, explains how Infineum B402 is a relatively easy way for a ship operator to positively influence a vessel’s CII rating while improving its bunker fuel consumption performance.

Oct 03 2022

Report: Ship design and timeline planning key to green fuels conversion of box ships

Finds ‘Preparing Container Vessels for Conversion to Green Fuels’ report published by Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping.

Oct 03 2022

SIBCON 2022 Interview: Singapore Bunkering TC Chairman shares republic’s direction on future marine fuels

Current ISO 8217 bunker fuel standard not comprehensive enough for biofuels; National Mirror Committee working with local players to develop more comprehensive biofuels standard for Singapore, says Capt. Rahul.

Sep 28 2022

Integr8: It is worth looking beyond the bunker market for price direction

Russian natural gas exports to Europe could be something to watch as a price indicator for bunkers with Europe taking increasing volumes of US LNG supplies, says Steve Christy.

Aug 29 2022

MPA completes investigations into bunker fuel contamination; temporary suspends Glencore’s Bunkering Licence

MPA has also asked Glencore to improve its internal procedures to ensure that prompt action is taken in future when it becomes aware of, or reasonably suspects, any irregularity in fuel quality, it states.

Aug 03 2022

Argus Media: Price volatility grips Singapore bunkers market

Delivered bunker prices in Singapore eased substantially in line with falling Brent, with shipowners holding off buying and suppliers not offering much.

Jul 22 2022

JLC China Bunker Market Monthly Report (June 2022)

China’s bonded bunker fuel sales moved lower to around 1.55 mln mt in June when most ports remained short of fuel, down 2.5% from May, JLC’s data shows.

Jul 13 2022

JLC China Bunker Market Monthly Report (May 2022)

China’s bonded bunker fuel sales slipped to about 1.59 mln mt in May, down 1.1% from April, mainly due to tightening supply at certain ports, JLC data shows.

Jun 16 2022

Peninsula Petroleum: Low viscosity vs. lubricity

‘Lubricity is not a major concern for marine fuels and is only applicable to ultra-low sulphur “bright & clear” distillate fuels,’ says Jeroen de Vos.

May 30 2022

Bio-bunkers are the immediate alternatives to reduce gas emissions, says study

Biodiesel blends, in particular the second-generation renewable diesels such as HVO, could be a serious alternative to VLSFO, suggests Blend Tiger LLC whitepaper.

May 30 2022

Integr8 Fuels: Bunker market shifts focus to supply concerns – Will this last?

‘At the moment tightness in products is still the main price support and watching refining margins may well be a good place to focus in the next few weeks,’ shares Steve Christy.

May 27 2022

China bonded bunker fuel sales up by 1.7% year-on-year from Jan to Apr 2022

Singapore’s bonded fuel supply was 15.05 million mt, a 11.89% year-on year decrease due to doubts on quality of local high sulphur fuel, says a China consultancy.

May 23 2022

JLC China Bunker Market Monthly Report (April 2022)

China’s bonded bunker fuel sales settled at around 1.60 mln mt in the month, little changed from the previous month, JLC’s data showed.

May 19 2022

JLC China Bunker Market Monthly Report (March 2022)

China’s bonded bunker fuel sales increased to 1.61 mln mt in March at domestic ports due to competitive prices to attract foreign ships, showed JLC data.

May 17 2022

DNV white paper tackles decarbonisation, alternative bunker fuels for naval vessels

New white paper concludes developing “green” drop-in fuels alone may not be sufficient in determining feasibility of low- or zero-carbon fuels for the naval segment.

Apr 25 2022

Bureau Veritas answers questions on Chlorinated Compounds in HSFO from Singapore

Singapore situation is linked to chlorinated hydrocarbons whereas, in the Houston case, there is yet to be a definitive culprit, states the bunker fuel testing agency.

Apr 11 2022

SMW 2022 Show Dallies: Will Carbon Credits Advance Sustainable Shipping?

Perhaps the largest concern over a voluntary carbon credit market is whether it is a form of greenwashing, especially when low-quality credits are used.

Apr 07 2022

BLUE Insight: USD 250 million shortfall in bunkers received at Rotterdam and Fujairah

‘Short bunker deliveries’ remain prevalent in Rotterdam and Fujairah – will likely be exacerbated by new, more expensive low carbon fuels entering market.

Apr 07 2022

Lloyd’s Register releases ‘Technical Report: NOx from marine diesel engines using biofuels’

Technical update consolidates client experience and industry feedback from sea trial findings on NOx emissions when using biofuels as a bunker fuel.

Apr 05 2022

Shipping eyes biofuels on route to decarbonisation, shares Infineum expert

Supply constraints aside, Infineum envisages increased use of bio-blends as a viable short-term option until new suite of alternative bunker fuels come online.

Mar 31 2022

Shipping decarbonisation moving at faster pace than 20-year wait for LNG as marine fuel, observes DNV expert

‘Clearly, collaboration is the fuel for the future,’ says Dr Shahrin Osman, Regional Head of Maritime Advisory, Director of Maritime Decarbonization and Autonomy Centre of Excellence Asia – Pacific at DNV.

Mar 29 2022

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