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ENGINE: East of Suez Bunker Fuel Availability Outlook

Lead times for VLSFO stems have tightened by one day this week in Singapore, now requiring 7-10 days, while LSMGO are more readily available at 4-6 days, it said.

Mar 25 2021

FOBAS Alert: High sediment fuels from ARA region

Samples were all VSLFO fuels and TSP results ranged up to 0.35% m/m; ships bunkering at these ports should request additional supplier reassurance, it said.

Mar 18 2021

Maritec alerts to Phenols detected in bunker fuel samples from Singapore

‘At these high concentrations there is an increased risk of the fuel losing its stability and breaking down leading to deposits in fuel system filters and purifiers,’ it said.

Mar 10 2021

INTERVIEW: VLSFO bunker contamination could resurface on USD 80 to 90 bbl oil, warns consultant

Shipowners and marine fuel buyers can protect themselves by requesting for COQ of the purchased product directly from the bunker supplier, William Tan of Miyabi Industries tells Manifold Times.

Mar 09 2021

FOBAS Alert: Off Specification Fuels from Singapore

In the last week, FOBAS said it tested several ISO-F- RMG380 samples from Singapore, which exceeded the ISO 8217 specification limit of 0.50 % v/v for water content.

Feb 16 2021

Glencore faces $6 million claim from Maersk over off-spec bunker fuel cargo transaction at Panama in 2018

Veritas Petroleum Services records numerous contaminants such as plastic, fibres, black gum, paraffins, fatty acids, and other component found in the off-spec RMK 700 marine fuel.

Feb 09 2021

FOBAS Alert: Off Specification Fuels from ARA, Houston and Istanbul

Any ships planning to bunker at these ports, should obtain additional reassurance suppliers will adhere to ISO 8217 requirements for the grade ordered, it said.

Jan 27 2021

ICS FUEL 2020 webinar: ISO 8217:2017 marine fuel quality standard takes center stage in panel discussions

Representatives of Veritas Petroleum Services, Maersk, INTERTANKO, ElbOil Singapore, and SDE International provide insight from their respective fields of expertise on what lies ahead.

Dec 09 2020

Veritas Petroleum Services summarises bunker fuel related issues of 2020 in three main points

While Covid-19 concerns are important, Captain Rahul Choudhuri was quick to note this does not mean bunker fuel related issues have indeed disappeared from the shipping sector.

Nov 20 2020

IBIA Convention 2020: Session summary of the APAC – Bunker Suppliers and Buyers Panel

Representatives of Oldendorff, Stena Bulk, Fratelli Cosulich, and TOTAL Marine Fuels Global Solutions discuss IMO 2020, activities in the last 12 months, and future bunker industry developments.

Nov 12 2020

Is the gradual rise in Off-Spec VLSFO due to Sulfur content, avoidable?

The number of off-spec VLSFOs due to sulfur dwarfs other causes, but it doesn’t seem logical to prepare a fuel that is only slightly off-spec, notes Francisco Malta.

Oct 21 2020

SIBCON 2020: Executive summary of the world’s top bunkering event hosted ‘in a very special year’

Event welcomed over 1,100 attendees from 42 countries; delegates visited virtual booths about 4,800 times; while around 5,800 connections were made, according to data from organiser Informa.

Oct 20 2020

Infineum explains: The ability of additives to ‘save’ off-spec VLSFO bunkers depends on these factors

‘We still see circumstances where a product is ‘off-spec’ and the holder of the fuel is then trying to move it back ‘on-spec’ through the use of appropriate additive technology,’ says spokesman.

Oct 08 2020

SIBCON 2020: VPS proposes mandate of latest bunker fuel quality standards for Singapore market

Captain Rahul Choudhuri, Managing Director AMEA at VPS, suggests a ban on the obsolete marine fuel quality standards of ISO 8217:2005 and 2012 which no longer apply to the shipping sector.

Oct 08 2020

Infineum explains: ISO 8217:2017 should be viewed as a ‘minimum performance benchmark’ for VLSFOs

‘The current specifications were developed for the high sulphur bunker fuels of the past and do not yet necessarily address performance issues with the newer VLSFOs and/or ULSFOs,’ says spokesman.

Oct 05 2020

VPS: Shipowners face ‘tricky situation’ to balance VLSFO shelf life and wax appearance temperature

‘Generally, you have to heat VLSFOs to prevent waxing, but the more you heat them the lower the shelf life is going to be,’ Dr Malcolm Cooper, the Group Managing Director of VPS, tells Manifold Times.

Sep 29 2020

VPS: Big data analysis reveals link between Covid-19 and spike in low flashpoint MGO off-spec cases

Current low prices for road and aviation fuels in September could mean another increase of flashpoint off-spec cases for MGO when players start introducing the products back into the bunker stream.

Sep 23 2020

FOBAS Alert: Low Flash Point Distillate Marine Fuel Oil in Antwerp

Ships bunkered with low flash point fuels are recommended to seek further advice from the respective classification society, flag state, and insurance underwriters.

May 15 2020

Gasum: High fuel oil stock levels pose a challenge for IMO 2020 compliant bunker fuels

‘Prices in this week’s European gas markets are likely to be supported by lower temperatures across the continent and easing lockdowns across Europe,’ says analyst.

May 13 2020

Integr8 Fuels: We are off recent price lows, but still premature to signal rising market

Analysing a diverse range of data predicting diminishing losses at varying paces, Integr8 Fuels says it is likely VLSFO prices will remain below $300/ton for the next 12 months.

May 13 2020

BIMCO: The collapse of the oil and bunker fuel markets in early 2020

‘The depth of the coronavirus crisis and the shape of any potential recovery will ultimately determine how the oil and bunker prices develop in the coming months,’ it says.

May 08 2020

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