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Corvus Energy plans $16 million investment in maritime battery production ops

To start production of the ‘Corvus Blue Whale’, a multi-megawatt hour ESS which is expected to be the cornerstone of the firm’s growth in coming years, says CEO.

Mar 27 2020

Wärtsilä begins ammonia testing to advance future marine fuel capabilities

Ammonia has a number of properties requiring further investigations, but the modularity of modern engines can be adapted with a very limited exchange of components.

Mar 26 2020

CE Delft studies availability and cost of LBM and LSM as viable bunker fuel

Study finds both could become ‘available in sufficient quantities’ to be an alternative for bunker fuel, without costs being much higher than other options.

Mar 26 2020

International Wind Propulsion for Shipping forum held in Copenhagen

Organised by IWSA as part of the Green Ship Technology conference, Secretary General forecasts wind propulsion to grow into a £2 billion per year market in the 2050s.

Mar 23 2020

We Tech Solutions receives repeat order for vessel energy storage solutions

Jiangnan Shipyard Group Co. Ltd., has contacted the company to duplicate an order for its Solution Four: Efficient Power Distribution for a new third generation PCTC vessel .

Mar 20 2020

Wärtsilä sea trials with PSA Marine for “IntelliTug” a success

Project is aimed at developing and field-testing intelligent vessel capabilities, enabling autonomous navigation towards more efficient harbour tug operations.

Mar 16 2020

Corvus Energy to equip Arriva’s hybrid vessel with Lithium Ion battery

1,500 kWh Orca Energy battery pack enables vessel to enter harbour areas and handle cargo operations emissions free; fuel consumption reduced by an estimated 20%.

Mar 13 2020

Korean Register grants AIP to HHI LNG dual fuel propulsion car carrier

AIP covers two PCTC vessels with a respective capacity of 7,000 CEU and 8,100 CEU; vessels are equipped with IMO type C independent self-supporting LNG tanks.

Mar 12 2020

Test results verify Windship’s ability to reduce 30% CO2 emissions

Reductions in engine revolutions and ship functions optimisation can save up to 80% of fuel, bringing the possibility of a carbon neutral ship before 2050.

Mar 09 2020

BW LPG invokes option to retrofit four more LPG dual-fuel engines

Decision based ‘on the back of stronger-than-expected performance during rigorous type-approval tests’, bringing total investment to 12 LPG dual-fuel engines.

Mar 09 2020

Goodfuels to commence Bio-fuel trials with UECC

M/V Autosky will test Bio-Fuel Oil on its normal route, reducing more than 6,500 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions on a well-to-wake basis.

Mar 06 2020

DNV GL: Wind Ships Ahead

Analyses innovations in the wind propulsion sector and how it can enter the mainstream to realise its carbon abatement and fuel-saving potential.

Mar 06 2020

EMP’s EnergySail® test unit unveiled for demonstrations in Japan

Full scale version is an upgrade of the pre-production unit; solar panels can be installed to provide supplementary propulsive and electrical power.

Mar 05 2020

Becker Marine joins IWSA to explore wind propulsion in commercial shipping

As part of the WingSail project, the system is designed to be aerodynamic, user friendly, and low maintenance.

Mar 04 2020

NYK demonstrates concept for using ammonia as marine fuel

Company presented its plan for using ammonia as marine fuel from both technical and operational perspectives at two events.

Feb 27 2020

The Royal Society policy paper discusses ammonia as marine fuel

Policy briefing Ammonia: zero-carbon fertiliser, fuel and energy store focuses on future use of zero-carbon ammonia and its opportunities.

Feb 20 2020

Rotterdam in partnership to build battery/hydrogen fuel infrastructure

Forms agreement with E.ON and DeltaPort to implement battery container or hydrogen refuelling services in pilot project at Wesel.

Feb 19 2020

Siemens to deliver largest cold ironing facility in Kiel, Germany

For the first time, the Sirharbor solution will be able to supply two ships simultaneously and is expected to go into test operation in 2020.

Feb 18 2020

ABS and ClassNK grant AiP to Kawasaki Heavy Industries for LPG marine fuel design

‘LNG as fuel is attracting widespread attention as an environmentally friendly option, but LPG as fuel has advantages over LNG,’ says ABS spokesman.

Feb 06 2020

Finnlines goes green with Wärtsilä Hybrid Systems for three new ferries

5,000 kWh energy storage system will enable ships to operate with zero emissions while in port- meeting RINA Green Plus class notation.

Feb 06 2020

Hapag-Lloyd to halve CO2 emissions with use of biofuel bunkers on “Montreal Express”

Montreal Express will undergo a test run to gain experience and information on the properties of biofuel in real-world use.

Feb 04 2020

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