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All 2020 News

The Standard Club: Operational experience on the transition to compliant fuel blends

Due to varying fuel oil quality, it is recommended to use monitoring and management tools in consultation with manufacturers and testing labs, it said.

Oct 01 2020

Trafigura proposes carbon levy on bunker fuels for low-carbon fuels to be more viable

The system would be overseen by the IMO and would involve charging a levy on carbon-intensive fuels and subsidising low- and zero-carbon fuels, it said.

Sep 28 2020

Inatech launches bunker fuel procurement system for small to medium shipping firms

Inatech built ‘ShiptechLite’ for small-to mid-size shipping companies weathering Covid-19 related disruptions but lacks the tools and resources to do so efficiently.

Sep 17 2020

Bangladesh Petrol Corp sees first delivery of low sulphur bunker fuel from Singapore

Oil Tanker MT TMN Pride carrying 15,000 metric tonnes of low-sulphur bunker fuel berthed at Dolphin Jetty No. 5 of Meghna Oil Company on Monday.

Sep 16 2020

Sinopec Qingdao refinery secures low sulphur crude oil supply for bunker production

Shengli’s storage and transportation system have been adjusted to ensure the low-sulfur crude oil can be transported directly to the Dongying crude oil depot, it said.

Sep 15 2020

Gard on IMO 2020: A review of the transition to VLSFOs

There are quite a few challenges ahead, because of the variability in fuel blends and the lack of oversight by authorities over the bunkering ecosystem, says spokesman.

Sep 11 2020

Wallenius Wilhelmsen on Sulphur 2020: Good planning enables success

Future compliance costs are based on future pricing of fuels, which are unknown; hence the mechanisms we have for dealing with compliance costs are flexible, it shared.

Sep 10 2020

Bureau Veritas sheds light on myths and expectations regarding VLSFO

Not all VLSFO are paraffinic and VLSFO has a 3% higher energy content, which is something to consider rather than only looking at the price per metric ton, it said.

Sep 07 2020

PrimeServ Lab adds IMO 2020 compliant bunker fuels analysis service to portfolio

With new fuels introduced in 2020, PrimeServ Lab has now included the so-called p-value as part of its standard analysis and increased the scope of diesel analysis.

Sep 03 2020

Chennai Petroleum Corporation introduces first batch of low sulphur bunker fuel

CPCL is prepared to blend 5,000 metric tonnes (mt) of bunker fuel per month and production can be increased based on demand, reports The Hindu Business Line.

Aug 27 2020

KPI OceanConnect: Five Reflections On IMO 2020

‘The bunker price volatility this year […] is a textbook example of why it pays to consult with your marine fuels supplier to help manage this risk,’ says CEO Søren Høll.

Aug 20 2020

Bunker One: Behaviour of 2020 fuels

The transition from burning high sulphur fuels to low sulphur fuels went more smoothly than even the most optimistic engineer dared to predict, said the company.

Aug 18 2020

Infineum: Managing Waxy Fuels

The Infineum Marine Venture Team has built up a good understanding of VLSFO in terms of cold flow properties and the approaches to manage their higher wax content.

Aug 06 2020

North P&I Club: The Changing Face of Fuels

Early experiences suggest the shipping industry has adapted well to the switch to VLSFO, but the huge variability in their characteristics has brought issues, it said.

Aug 05 2020

Clean Arctic Alliance responds to black carbon emissions from VLSFO debate

There is a lack of independently validated data from measurements of VLSFO, but what is important is the effort to reduce black carbon emissions from shipping, it said.

Jul 24 2020

Think-ING: Marine fuels & IMO 2020 – So much for all the hype

Compliance with the new fuel regulations has been quite strong, looking at Singapore ports, around 96% of ships entering the port in Q1 were using a compliant fuel.

Jul 22 2020

International Union of Marine Insurance: IMO 2020 – 100 days amidst the Pandemic

Issues faced by shipowners coming into 2020 have now been overshadowed by the pandemic but challenges remain on the full implementation of IMO 2020.

Jul 21 2020

IBIA questions new claims about VLSFO and black carbon emissions

Understanding factors behind BC is a complex science as BC formation depends on multiple and variable factors and how they interact i.e. engine type, engine load etc.

Jul 16 2020

Petrobras refinery breaks production record of VLSFO bunker fuel for the second month

Increase in production during June was due to the resumption of its distillation unit and catalytic cracking unit , to meet the increased market demand for derivatives.

Jul 13 2020

Indonesia: Bunkering locations for LSFO marine fuel expand during first six months of IMO 2020

The local bunkering sector has adapted to IMO 2020 requirements and LSFO is now available at more than two earlier locations, notes bunker supplier Trillion Energy.

Jul 03 2020

Straits Inter Logistics IMO 2020 strategies contribute 141.2% jump in revenue for Q1

‘The expansion in revenue was attributable to more bunkering jobs being secured to provide LSFO as a result of the IMO 2020 sulphur cap effective 1 January,’ it said.

Jun 26 2020

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